Sunday, 13 July 2014

We've Moved!

Hi everyone,

No, not physically moving again!

But, the blog has moved.

We are now at

All the posts that have been on this site are now over at the new site!

I hope you like it and keep visiting us over there!


Lisa xox

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Bit Of A Hiccup

Hi everyone.

I owe you an apology - it seems many of my amazing, incredible and insightful images have been 'falling off' the CG blog.

I have my technical assistant (my 13 year old) working on this as we speak.

We are almost ready to go 'live' with our new more streamlined blog site and hopefully all these little hiccups will be gone!

So, here is an image of me this morning trying to get it sorted.

Please stay with me - I really appreciate your support!!!

And this is where I am pretending to be!

Thanks for your support!

Lisa x0x

Friday, 11 July 2014

Fashionista Friday #5

Welcome once again to Fashionista Friday.

I'm sure you have all been on the edge of your seats in anticipation of what fashion musings I will be discussing this week.

Now some of you may be a bit too young to remember the hey day of this fashion bonanza, so maybe ask your Mum/Aunt/Grandma or a friend older than 40!

Because today Ladies and Gents we are discussing.........

Not just for the chicks either!!!
Remember this BMX bandit


Oh yes, not the fashionable perm that I think may be creeping back in to society today where the beautiful bouncy waves hang loosely, like Clive Palmer's McDonalds food creeping down his chin.

No, we are talking about the perms of the eighties!

I, for one, did indulge in this sartorial display of bad hair taste, but hey, I am  was a slave to fashion.  It was the done thing, back in the day!
But of course mine didn't start out with your full on perm. Mine started when Mum decided that my lank locks needed a bit of oommppphhhh so she booked me in at the local barber salon and they proceeded to only perm my fringe and the two dangly bits near my ears.

Oh, the look of horror  utter amazement when those curlers were taken out and that poisonous perming solution was washed off!!!!!!!!

After realizing just how gorgeous I was, I then decided to go the full hog!

Perm meets mullet - the Merm?  The Pullet?

Yep, the full head perm.  Oh, those were the days. Having your hair wound so tightly around those little curlers then the 'solution' poured on and sitting there with tears streaming down your face, no, not because you had a premonition that you were going to look like a poodle on a bad hair day but that it really was poison stinging your eyes.

Then after 47 hours sitting in the world's most uncomfortable chair (thank goodness the hairdressers of the world fixed that issue!!!) having it washed off and dried and you did indeed look like a poodle. On a bad hair day.

The hairdresser then would exclaim just how gorgeous you were and not to wash it for 37 days because it may 'drop' and you walked out of the salon with tears in your eyes realizing that it would have been so much easier, and far less expensive, to stick your fingers in a power socket, and possibly less dangerous!!!

But after 65 perms, the world of perms opened up in a big way.  There wasn't just the poodle gone wrong perm, there was also the spiral perm and the 'root' perm (luckily there wasn't a brazilian perm back then - you would have walked out with no hair!!!!). Yes, I did them all.

Oh yes, those were the days of seeing just how much poisonous solution your hair could soak up before it did indeed fall out.
I always found the best days of the perm were about 2 days before your next perm when it looked like it was meant to - the beautiful bouncy curls that we can now get with a GHD (except me, I just cannot do it for the life of me).

So, as we all know, fashion is on a fairly short cycle so it must only be hours away till we walk into the hair dresser asking for a root.....perm!!!!!

Did you have a perm?

Did your hair fall out??

Do you own a poodle???


Lisa xox

p.s. Oh, shame I couldn't find any pics of me with my perm!!!!