Wednesday, 25 April 2012

They Shall Not Grow Old

Well, I am back here - 'back' being the operative word. Unfortunately the back trouble was something a bit more serious than I thought so still not up and about as normal yet.

But today, ANZAC DAY, I thought - get over yourself Lisa! I swallowed a couple of strong painkillers and off we went to the Moss Vale ANZAC DAY march.

Senior Sergeant, being School Captain, was walking in the march with school and laying the wreath with his gorgeous co captain, Miss Z.

Horse Girl was delighted as there were some light horse reenactment horses and soldiers, then she had to help me walk up the street! Lucky for me, she did it without complaining!

The march started with the horses and one of the bands then a few of the old diggers. Not sure of their ages, but they were a fair age I'm sure. They looked out of their cars and smiled and waved at us.

So, this set me off. I did warn Horse girl that this may happened, but the tears started. I could not help it. These men, and then some women who followed, have seen in their lives what no person should see.
They have lived in a way that no person should live. And they have no doubt had troubled times, through no fault of their own.

We walked (slowly) up to the Cenotaph and stayed their for the service. I was very proud of the Senior Sergeant, the way he composed himself, looked after some of the younger kids (apparently even one of the kindy kids decided they didn't want to sit on the grass but in Sam's lap - which he let them!!)

Then he and Miss Z walked over together, laid the wreath, and bowed their heads in respect. And all I could think of was how could a mother, father, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, friend, watch their person go off to war at an age only a couple years older than these two.

And so I cried again!

And I even wondered how many of those diggers would be there next year. But, I am certain, that the legend and tradition is safe for the future. Seeing some of those young kids, either walking with senior family members or wearing medals, or even waving the flags we got given, I know they will keep this happening for years to come.

We will remember them.

Lest we forget.

Monday, 16 April 2012

You're Not Having a Heart Attack...Are You?

Unfortunately I spent much of Sunday at our local hospital.
I injured my back on Saturday, but at this stage I am unable to elaborate further on how and why, but let's just say it frigging hurt!

So, after I managed to actually get myself dressed and into the car, I drove about 3.5 minutes to a local medical centre. After taking 15 minutes to actually get out of the car and into the medical centre, they told me to get back in the car, and go to the accident and emergency at our local hospital. So, approximately an hour later, after managing to get back in the car and drive another 1.5 minutes, I arrived at the hospital car park but it then took me another hour to get out of the car and into accident and emergency!

The lady on the front desk, took one look at me, and then proceeded to advise me that I looked like absolute crap and I must be in pain. No. shit. sherlock.

She then grabbed a nurse who took me straight in to emergency, despite the look of daggers I received from those in the waiting room. Sorry, peeps, but I have spent many an  hour or 10 in A and E waiting rooms and obviously I looked too scary to keep in the waiting room in case I scared small children.

So, off to Nurse 1 who asked what was wrong. At this stage, I actually had tears streaming down my face due to the pain but managed to tell her that I had a back problem and that all those knives in the back were really starting to hurt.

I then had to rate my pain out of 10. 10 being the worst, 1 being little or no pain. WHY THE HELL WOULD I BE THERE IF MY PAIN WAS A 1????????????

After telling her that the pain was so severe that I would prefer to give birth again whilst undergoing another knee reconstruction at the same time than put up with this pain much longer, she said " Oh, so you are in some discomfort then",

Thankfully Nurse No. 2 came along at that stage and moved me immediately into a padded room and told me to get on the bed. After I asked her how long I would need to be on it before I had to get off it again, she said that the Doctor would be straight in but why did I ask? "Because it is going to take me approximately 1/2 hour to climb onto the bed and to lay down".

So, the lovely Nurse No 2 got Nurse No 3 to come in and we managed to get me on to the table. Nurse No 2 then went off to spread some more loveliness around A and E whilst Nurse No 3 then told me she needed to do my obs!

She then took my temperature by basically sticking the thermometer so hard in one ear she actually took the temperature of the other one. Next was my blood pressure in which she pumped that band around my arm I fair dinkum thought my arm would fall off.

Then, the same question  - "So if you had to rate your pain out of ten with ten being the worst and one being nothing..." I quickly interrupted her with my answer "It bloody well hurts. I do not want to spend my Sunday off in hospital with a back that is in so much pain I can't stand up and being asked frigging ridiculous questions, I just need some frigging pain relief so that is how much it hurts" she then proceeded to tell me perhaps the Doctor should see me!

I must admit, Dr S was lovely when she came in although she did look like she was about 12. After reassuring me she did indeed get medical qualifications from University and not from her Corn Flakes Packet, she then asked me to stand up.

I told her she might like to go and perform brain surgery or a heart transplant in the time it took me to actually get 70% upright, she helped me but stopped halfway to exclaim "Oh My God, I love your dress. Where did you get that from? It is SOOOOOO nice. I just love it. Oh tell me where you get it from - please!"

Upon then looking at my face she then decided that perhaps I wasn't there to dispense fashion advice and that I was in pain and she was very nice. Thank God she didn't ask me to rate my pain as she realised it bloody hurt!

So off I was sent to x-ray. Manuel, the lovely wheel chair pusher, was  ever so gentle pushing me in the wheelchair down to x ray and telling me when there was the slightest of bumps. Every second word that came out of his mouth was 'Darlin' " and he was also basically the only staff member who managed to get my name correct - calling me Lisa instead of Linda. Now Linda is a lovely name, I know a number of lovely Linda's, but it is not my name. If they can't get the name right, what will happen next, I started to wonder.

Part 2 of this post will have to wait. It has taken me about 3 hours to write this one, as I can only sit for a short time and I just can't type lying down.

So keep an eye out for the next instalment. Including why I had to ask Nurse 4 who brought in an oxygen tank why I would need that when he replied "Oh, I thought you were the one having the heart attack. So you're not then are you?" ?????>??????


Lisa xox

Friday, 13 April 2012

The Griswald Family Vacation

I managed to get a few day's 'off' over Easter so we packed the car and headed for a leisurely 9 1/2 hour drive down to Victoria.

I hadn't really planned to do the drive in one day, just thought I would see how I went. And considering our first stop was at Macca's McCafe only an hour and a half down the road, I thought we may be lucky to get to our destination before we would have to be coming home.

First stop - 1 1/2 hours from the start!!!

But we managed it.  With stops at Fyshwick (afore mentioned Maccas), then Nimmatabel (what the???) then Orbost for petrol, we managed to make it to my The Phantom Poster's motel accommodation. Lucky having family running a motel - wonder if they might make their next one in Southern France or somewhere similar?

Lunch by the lake at Nimmatabel

We chatted, sang, slept (well only brief power naps for me as I was driving) and discovered many many many toilets on the way as Senior Sergeant liked to do such inspections.

Horse Girl had set herself up in the back seat with her books, I pod's, snacks, cushions, pillows, blankets etc  - just like her own mini apartment.

Senior Sergeant likes to be the navigator although his habit of screaming out at the top of his lungs "JEEEZZZZUUUUSSSSS" every time I went to overtake someone was a little disconcerting.

Anyways, most of the family were there celebrating Nana Gypsy's 80th birthday.  Was great catching up with everyone, although some of us did have to stand on stools to greet certain nephews who now seem to be about 85 feet tall.
The Queen and her subjects (we made them all either kneel or crouch!)

But it was lots of fun and although we had a couple of family members missng in action, we still thought about them and wished they were there. And it was great to catch up with all who were there.

So Nana, we hope you enjoyed your 80th birthday in country Victoria. Perhaps the 90th might be in that motel in Southern France!


Lisa xox

Thursday, 12 April 2012

An Elephant's Hide

I am writing this post basically for me as an outlet.
So, if you are after a laugh, or a giggle, or even a smirk, perhaps look away NOW!

I have been working since I was 14 - starting off as a babysitter and working in a bakery. I have never ever turned away from hard work, in fact, the harder it gets, or the more it involves, it is almost the better I do at it and the better results I achieve.

I do not profess to be an expert at ANYTHING. Ok, maybe at singing ABBA songs after a bevy or two, but that is it.

I work hard. I expect nothing for doing nothing. I do not ask the government for money. I am able to work, to use my brain and to use my body. Some days I may forget that I have both those things to use, when I may feel a little sorry for myself.

I don't mean to forget that. Unfortunately, I often have a black dog nipping at my heels. Some times I am really good at getting rid of that black dog, giving it a kick away and going along on my way.

Other times, I have felt as though that black dog is taking over my life. I find it hard to do things, and to concentrate, to get things completed. BUT, I have never used that as an excuse. I have always tried to work hard, and if I feel that Black Dog is around, I actually try even harder with work, to ensure I do the best I can. And I have never, nor will ever, use that as an 'excuse'. I am OK!

No doubt, some days, I have not done the best I could. But, tell me anyone who has. 

I know I take things to heart way too much. I want to be the best and do the best and more often than not, I'm not the best. But I mostly try to give it my best effort.

I make mistakes. Sometimes, I make a few in a few days. Sometimes, a few in a few minutes. But I am not ashamed to ask for help, or clearer instructions, or even some instructions, if I have done the wrong thing.

But, I have never LIED, nor CHEATED, nor tried to make anyone feel inferior. If I make a mistake, I ADMIT IT. Sorry, I am not perfect. I have never, ever claimed to be.

But, do not lie to me. I have learnt, the hard way, to keep notes. Very. comprehensive. notes.
This is not the way I want to be, but I have learnt to be that way. If you choose to accuse me of not doing something, and this is done purely to protect your own inadequacies, I will not defend you. I will not allow you to belittle me. Nor will I allow you to disrepect my professionalism.

Perhaps you might need to look in a mirror. No one is perfect. Not. Even. You.

Just be very careful what you do and say.  I may have the hide of an elephant.

I also have the memory of one.


Lisa xox

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I'm having a teeny tiny break

Hello out there

I am having a wee little blogging break at the moment

Not because I don't have anything to say, because let's face it I always do!

I have been instructed to have a computer break on medical advice would you believe. Didn't know my doctor actually read my blog - maybe she needed the break from it???!!!

Not about blogging, but am a wee bit stressed with some of my work

SO I am turning off for a day or two

But seeing as the Easter break is coming up, and we will be seeing family, there is bound to be a story or five ready to be posted

Have a great Easter break, stay safe, eat lots of chocolate, and see ya on the flip side


Lisa x0x