Thursday, 12 April 2012

An Elephant's Hide

I am writing this post basically for me as an outlet.
So, if you are after a laugh, or a giggle, or even a smirk, perhaps look away NOW!

I have been working since I was 14 - starting off as a babysitter and working in a bakery. I have never ever turned away from hard work, in fact, the harder it gets, or the more it involves, it is almost the better I do at it and the better results I achieve.

I do not profess to be an expert at ANYTHING. Ok, maybe at singing ABBA songs after a bevy or two, but that is it.

I work hard. I expect nothing for doing nothing. I do not ask the government for money. I am able to work, to use my brain and to use my body. Some days I may forget that I have both those things to use, when I may feel a little sorry for myself.

I don't mean to forget that. Unfortunately, I often have a black dog nipping at my heels. Some times I am really good at getting rid of that black dog, giving it a kick away and going along on my way.

Other times, I have felt as though that black dog is taking over my life. I find it hard to do things, and to concentrate, to get things completed. BUT, I have never used that as an excuse. I have always tried to work hard, and if I feel that Black Dog is around, I actually try even harder with work, to ensure I do the best I can. And I have never, nor will ever, use that as an 'excuse'. I am OK!

No doubt, some days, I have not done the best I could. But, tell me anyone who has. 

I know I take things to heart way too much. I want to be the best and do the best and more often than not, I'm not the best. But I mostly try to give it my best effort.

I make mistakes. Sometimes, I make a few in a few days. Sometimes, a few in a few minutes. But I am not ashamed to ask for help, or clearer instructions, or even some instructions, if I have done the wrong thing.

But, I have never LIED, nor CHEATED, nor tried to make anyone feel inferior. If I make a mistake, I ADMIT IT. Sorry, I am not perfect. I have never, ever claimed to be.

But, do not lie to me. I have learnt, the hard way, to keep notes. Very. comprehensive. notes.
This is not the way I want to be, but I have learnt to be that way. If you choose to accuse me of not doing something, and this is done purely to protect your own inadequacies, I will not defend you. I will not allow you to belittle me. Nor will I allow you to disrepect my professionalism.

Perhaps you might need to look in a mirror. No one is perfect. Not. Even. You.

Just be very careful what you do and say.  I may have the hide of an elephant.

I also have the memory of one.


Lisa xox

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