Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Oh Danny Boy!

Many of you will know (ok, two of you) about the Country Gypsy family's unfortunate happenings in trying to keep animals alive.

Let me say, We LOVE all animals (ok, I don't LOVE snakes and spiders) but the other types we love. Although I do also have to admit that I am a dog person, and not a cat person, but would never do anything to endanger the lives of them.

SO this story I am about to tell you did not in fact happen to us but rather to a friend of mine, who has given me permission to retell it.

And any cat lovers out there, I am just warning you that you may like to go away and look out for my next post!

The story goes...

One morning the lovely P was running a little late for work and was rushing the kids to climb in the car to get to school. Now P is a Mum of 5 (so she gets an award just for that) and she was taking the two youngest to school. Two of the older ones had already begun working life and the third was catching the bus to high school.

SO off the lovely P and her two gorgeous little ones went, driving through the lovely country lanes of the Southern Highlands.

Then, after a while, they could smell something.

The first choice was to blame the youngest family member, who swore black and blue that it was not indeed him and why did he always get picked on!

The smell continued to permeate through the car, but they drove on and got to work/school and on with their busy day.

On the way home that afternoon, the smell returned. This time, the lovely P suggested it may have been something some of the far4mers put on their crops, although she herself was not convinced of this.

As they got closer to home, the lovely P decided that it may indeed be some type of vermin that had ingeniously climbed in to the bonnet and perhaps and met their maker.

On arriving home, one of the elder children raced out to the car to tell P that her little kitten, Fluffy, was missing.

"Oh dear,' thought the lovely P  (well actually she didn't really think that but I am trying not to repeat what she actually thought).

Not wanting to open the bonnet herself, and trying to shield the family members from what was undoubtedly going to be a  horrific scene, she called on of her older sons and his mate to come out and open the bonnet.

Which they did.

To sounds of screaming and howling.

Yes, poor Fluffy had indeed climbed into the bonnet early that morning and life as he knew it had ended rather dramatically.

Now, this is a sad story and one which we hope does not happen again.

However, please read on.

So, amongst the tears from Fluffy's owner, and the female household members, to some rather outrageous comments from a couple of males in attendance, the decision was made there and then that Fluffy was worthy of a grand send off, even though her little life had been so short.

Preparations were made.

A hole was dug in the ground (by this time it was pelting with rain people so just try to use your imagination here). 

A bouquet of flowers were picked as a sign of remembrance.

An appropriate box had to be located and a warm blanket to keep little Fluffy safe of his journey to who knows where.

But unfortunately, not just any box would do. Because poor Fluffy had obviously passed on with shock rather than any other type of injury and rigor mortis had already set in so just an ordinary box wouldn't suffice.

They needed one to fit ....

Yes, this was the actual position that the cat was in.

With a pair of scissors and some extra strength masking tape, they managed to gently lay little Fluffy to rest wrapped warmly in a blanket in a custom made box.

Now I know you think this is the end of the story but no.....

As little Fluffy was being laid to rest, the youngest member of the family, Master N, aged 6 at the time, proceeded to sing "oh Danny Boy".

Now the lovely P does not know why the gorgeous Master N decided to belt out the tune from the old homeland but let's just say there was some tears down a few faces that evening.

R.I.P Little Fluffy

I think we can all learn a lesson here


Lisa xox

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Just Be Frigging Grateful!!!!!

SO am now on holidays!
Jealous much????

I have finished at the last school with that gorgeous class and in 2 weeks at a new school and new class - don't get time to get bored!!!

My last few days were spent having lots of fun with the kids (well, we had fun pretty much the whole time, and they did learn too so don't have a go at me) and I also received the most amazing gifts. I only had them for 6 weeks so was truly spoilt by them.

But one of the most precious gifts I received was a beautiful hug and a big 'thank you' from one little angel. Yes, he came back to school for part of the last day, with no notable markings, although I cannot be sure of that.

And he went home with someone who he is not afraid of so I know he was safe for at least one night.

So, I know we all have 'problems' and 'issues' and no doubt I will probably upset a few people with my next few words but honestly, get over yourselves!

So, you feel stressed at work - be grateful you have a job and can earn money.

Unemployed - get out there and find something - there is work out there!

Tired - go to bed or go for a walk.

Selling your house - be frigging grateful you have one to sell.

Want more money - either rob a bank (no, just kidding) or perhaps look at what you have and be grateful or make an effort to earn more and be thankful that you can.

Have to pay child support - they are your frigging kids too!!!!!!

Pissed off at the world/work/ex partner - gee, poor you, get over it.

Because I know of one little angel who may not have a chance to be any of the above.

He does not know whether he will be fed, or hit and bashed, or whether he will have any one to talk to.
He does not know about feeling safe.

He does not know what it is to feel really and truly loved by the people who should do that.

SO I am sorry if I have upset you by comments I have made above. But hey, you are reading this so you are lucky that you can read. You own/rent or use a computer at work so you aren't doing too bad.

ANd maybe, just maybe, your life isn't so bad.


p.s. ANd if you are over the serious stuff, why not click on this link for a post from earlier in the year just to remind you that we are all a bit different, in our own unique way....some more than others!!!!


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

AN Innocent Little Face

I am not sure if this post will actually be published tonite - I guess if you are reading it then I decided yes.
And even if I do publish it, I may not leave it on the blog for long - I'll see how I go.

Hopefully, when you read further you will begin to understand where I am at with this. I am not going to identify anyone with this post but rather keep it very open.

Today, I had yet another new experience. Not one that I ever want to repeat again, but I will if I ever find out similar information.

I had to sit in as a 'protector' or a 'trusted adult' on an interview with a child with Department of Community Services.  I am also not going to get into any political debate about any of this.  I feel honoured that this small person, who I have only known for a short time, felt that he could trust me enough yet other adults around him are so hideous.

I guess that this is my blog, and my space to vent, or let go of some things. Normally I relate some of the pathetic pieces of my life, and I know that I will return to this for my next blog post, as I have more to tell.

But tonite, I am doing this for a young person who knows far too much about the horrors that adults can bestow on others, and more importantly children. ANd I guess for all those who have suffered, at the hands of supposed loved ones.

This young person held it together whilst describing incidents that they go through on a daily basis.

From someone they should be able to trust.

And they are frightened. SO frightened. They are frightened the minute they walk in the door at the end of the day when they should feel at their safest.

They are frightened to talk.

They are frightened to look the 'wrong way'.

They are too frightened to do anything other than move quickly and quietly to their bedroom and hope that today has been a good day for others.

They already know about what can do physical damage and how to hide it.

They already know how that it doesn't matter most of the time about what they say or do, they will suffer some type of physical abuse. Be it hands, wooden spoons, or pots and pans.

Hitting them.

In places where others cannot always see the bumps and bruises.

Not to mention the horrific emotional abuse.

AT such a young age, they know that it is wrong but they have a weariness about them that at the age of 7, their is nothing they can do to fight back.

I'm sorry but I am typing this with tears streaming down my face. I have had tears since I came out of this meeting. WHen this young person was so brave but looking at me with their beautiful eyes, and trusting me to be there with them and yet I was the one who broke down when he left the room.

ANd I am the one who came home (and cuddled my children ever so tightly) and have cried most of the evening just thinking about this little one.  I just hope he is safe tonight.

I don't even know how to end this.  I cannot put into words how I feel about the so called adults subjecting this little one to this violence.  This little one should be having fun, kicking a footy at the local park, playing with his mates, and trying to sneak lollies off my desk.

Instead every morning he comes and shows me an empty lunch box because he trusts me to fill it up for him.  WIth his innocent little face and his scared eyes.

And I just hope that he is there tomorrow, so we can do it again.

And I hope he is ok tonite. WIth all my heart. Like I haven't hoped for anything in a long time.

ANd if you can find a way to explain this to me, good luck. Because I think it is about frigging time a number of adults got over themselves and woke up. Because maybe, just maybe, you might do something good for someone one day, instead of being a complete piece of shit!


Thursday, 6 September 2012

It's Goodbye To A National Icon

OK so tonight I have a few options on what to write about ( or rant on about!)

The 'perfection' that some people crave in others, yet are so far from it themselves......

The absolutely wet your pants funny cat story a friend told me yesterday  (apologies to all cat lovers but if you know me you know I am not fond of them pussy's and this story will appear soon)....

You will need to keep this image in mind for that blog post

My day in court tomorrow (yes, I have paid most    the speeding fines).....

No, there is something that is so much more important to write about and I have no doubt that my blog post will appear on the front pages of all the national broadsheets tomorrow and that I will be beamed throughout the satellite via CNN with an exclusive report.

It is about THE BIG POO.......TATO.

Yes, that's right. You read it here first (or second or fifth or whatever).

The Robbo landmark that has caused incredible scenes with cars stopping, brides getting their pictures taken in front of, behind or on top of, that incredible piece of architectural history in The SOuthern Highlands...The Big Potato...is to be sold off!

I knoooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!  What the freaking hell is this country coming to when such incredible historical, cultural and just plain damn amazing landmarks are to be sold off because council charges too much for the land rates and now the owner of the and has decided that he cannot look at that great big piece of ........ cultural significance no longer as his bank balance dwindles whilst propping up the local council.

It is just WRONG I tell you.

The Big Potato is on the way out it seems. Just like the Big Prawn, the Big Pavlova and the Big (stuffed if I know but feel free to insert your own incredible Australian cultural icon), the Big Potato is to be peeled, scrubbed, and laid to rest (perhaps in some aluminum foil and popped on the barbie then with some sour cream and chiiivvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss - well, we do live in BOWWWWWRRRRRRAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL).

It will be a sad day not only for Robbo, The Southern Highlands, but indeed Australia when this national treasure is finally laid to rest (or mashed) once and for all.

And in the week we farewelled another Robbo icon from his illustrious sporting careers, Nathan Hindmarsh, it appears we will now be farewelling the Big Spud!!!

Rest in peace you big lump of shit. You gave it all you had.

ANd for those of you who may have had a visit to the Big Spud on your bucket list, here, take this with you as a lasting memory.....


Lisa xox

p.s. If you want to read the real story, click here


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Common Frigging Decency

Being back in the classroom teaching this last little while has made me think (I know, it appears, according to some people, that I obviously had not been doing that previously!!!).

But, I am going to be a lot more specific here than just thinking. It is about COMMON FRIGGING DECENCY.  I am currently teaching the most gorgeous group of 7 and 8 year olds and am half way through a block of teaching weeks with them. They are quite incredible kids and we ahve had a fabulous time together. I have even received compliments from both the kids and some parents which has been very nice and pleasing to a slightly shattered ego.

I am very lucky with this group of kids as I have no real behaviour issues with them, and we do tend to laugh a lot during the day. There are other issues with some of the kids, but their smiles and giggles and laughter and funny comments means I know that despite what may be going on outside school, they are just gorgeous kids, and who all have exemplary manners.

I do have a bit of an issue with manners and have taught my own kids to ensure they use them.

However, the past few hours/days/weeks and months, I have been ever so pissed off at the lack of manners and just general respect for each other as human beings.

Of course, I am way too polite to name names here (but oh boy do I want to!!!).

But I will try and keep the list short.

Case 1 - a parent who came to school the other day to pick their child up early (so they could get to the pub early, I believe) who told me that she had 'SO much f#%6ing trouble finding my class'  (yes, in front of the class, and we were in the playground) and that her time had been wasted and what was I going to do about it.
My reply - well, it seems you are now not only wasting my time but also the air I am trying to breathe so if you cannot be polite I suggest you go away, ever so quickly!!! Yes, these were my words!!! No one has the right to talk to another like that - and I am not going to let children see adults talk to another adult in such a demeaning way. EVen one of my gorgeous boys suggested to me that "she was a bloody nutter" (and yes, we have now had the swearing talk).

Case 2- to the people who almost ran me down today, even though they knew me (oh, sorry, blonde moment, obviously when they realized it was me they wanted to frigging run me down!).  And yes, this was someone who I had been associated with professionally at one time and who I had listened to whinge and whine and carry on and gone out of my way to help out.

Yep, great to see adults who show a complete sense of gutlessness when 'push comes to shove'

Case 3- Return a frigging message - Please DO NOT TELL ME YOU ARE BUSY - so is the rest of the freaking world!!! I understand busy! Believe me I do!  But in this world of technology, phones, computers, internets, cars, transport, pens, paper, homing pigeons, if I leave a message, and ask for it t be returned, I AM NOT FREAKING JOKING!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, it is so important these days for everyone to be busy - I hear it day in and day out and that's fine. We are all busy.  Yes, I am busy. I work full time (well at the moment anyway), I deal with 23 gorgeous kids every day and come home to my own two gorgeous kids of a night, after football/netball/basketball/oz tag/weddings/parties/anything.

Yes, I then cook dinner, clean up, look after the dog, do the housework, worry about the world, my kids and some kids in my class, my family, my friends. I search every night for a permanent job as I have always worked and never asked, nor will ever in the future, for a hand out.

I also try to do some of my own business stuff, which is sadly lacking at the moment. I am also either packing or unpacking or repacking or unpacking the repacking of boxes.

I also try to get out and do some exercise for my health and to also try and get this bloody back condition sorted once and for all.


No, this is not a sob story. Everyone is busy.

But if I leave a message, BLOODY WELL RETURN IT!!!!!!

So there you have it. I have seven year olds with much better manners than some 27/37/47/57 year olds I know. And no, it is not you! I am sure!  They know who they are, and somehow, I don't think they are reading this.

SO, tonight's blog post is brought to you by


Tomorrow, I hope to resume to my normal broadcast.

That is.....



Lisa xox


p.p.s. ANd maybe, just give someone a compliment tomorrow. Doesn't have to be over the top, but you never know, it might just really make their day. PLEASE