Monday, 31 October 2011

World's Worst Mother versus Halloween!!!

So today it seems as though I am the World's Worst Mother!

Yes, I have taken the title, am just awaiting my crown!

Here is my trophy!

Reasons for winning this esteemed title - I am not letting my children go trick or treating!!!

After an extremely 'busy' week and weekend in which I worked most of it (Sorry - I had to put 'busy' in '' because apparently that is the thing to be) in both paid and unpaid capacities, I am a little weary!

To say that I am feeling rather tired today could be taken as a big bloody understatement. I ran into a friend who told me I looked like %^&* and she is right! I do! I don't need to bother with the black kohl pencil outlining my eyes because they have so much black around them I can just scare little children by opening the door and looking at them.

And, I am about to go to another work job shortly.....let's not even start on that!

But back to the whole trick or treating - I don't really get it. It, to me, has nothing to do with us. SO, we supply huge bags of treats to children we have never seen before in our lives, or we let our own children go to doors unknown and say "Can I have some lollies?" when on any other day in the year we are not supposed to let them out of our sight??????

yes, that is me on the broomstick apparently!!!!

As I have said no to trick or treating, and dealing with the effects of being the world's worst mother, I decided to treat the kids and raced down to the special lolly store in Bowral today and make up a special lolly bag each for them.

After spending $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on lollies - which would have been much better spent on getting something for dinner!!!!! - I then also and went and got them a special trick or treat bag each (OK so that only cost $2 BUT THAT"S NOT THE BLOODY POINT)!

When they arrived home, both barely able to speak to me, I suggested they go and look at what was hanging on the door of their room. One answer was - "Well I still want to go trick or treating' and the other "Oh, I didn't know it was there, oh thanks"!

Let's just say that if you could take lollies back for a refund - I would have done that!!!

So, no, I don't believe in Halloween. I don't know what that is called or what I should be called - but BAH HUMBAG to HALLOWEEN......

BUT BRING ON CHRISTMAS - Now that's fun!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Pink Ribbons for my friend Lisa

Today is Pink Ribbon Day, although I always think that October is Pink Ribbon Month

I don't think there would be too many people in our society that have not been affected in one way or the other by this insidous disease, breast cancer.

It is incredible that with all the advancements in our society in different areas, there are still between 2600 and 2700 women who die every year from this disease.

I have had two friends pass away from this disease, both Mum's, and both wonderful women.

One of them, I didn't know for very long, but Lisa and I became close friends in the time we had together.
She had two beautiful children, the same age as mine, with Estelle and Georgia becoming friends and Sam and Ashton becoming good buddies and young soccer players at the age of four.

Lisa had just remarried when her cancer returned, this was when I met her. She was about 8 years younger than me, and had a bit of an irreverant side like me. Lisa and her new husband moved back in with her absolutely wonderful parents to ensure everyone was cared for.

Her parents were so welcoming to myself and my family. I was going through a very tough time with my marriage breaking down and whenever I visited the home, especially when Lisa did not have the energy to get out of bed, the family would always ask how I was first!

To see Lisa lying in her bed, with barely enough energy to greet her gorgeous kids as they returned home from school and kindy, was heartbreaking. But, she always made an effort. And, she was always up for a gossip about some of the 'caring' mum's at school!

Lisa never held back, another thing we had in common. She loved nothing better than having a bit of a 'bitch session' about all the do-gooders who were trying to 'help' her!

Lisa had two wishes that she expressed to me in one visit. She was always so positive, even when she couldn't lift her head off the pillow.  And on this one day when we shared some tears together about not what she was losing, but what she would never have, she told me of her two immediate wishes.

Lisa wanted to make her 30th birthday (yes, she was so young), and to see her beloved Ashton start school with my Sam.

We celebrated Lisa's 30th birthday with a great picnic at Bobbin Head. It was a great day with so many of her friends and family there, and Lisa lying on a lounge wrapped in blankets and telling everyone what to do.

My last visit to Lisa was when she was in hospital. I had no idea that this would be our last visit. She had been transferred to Royal North Shore Hospital from the Mater Hospital and she was in a very bad mood as she didn't like Royal North Shore. I had to agree with her as the room was horrible, nothing warm about it at all. She made me go and buy her an ice block because she had a yucky taste in her mouth.

Of course, I couldn't get the one ice block she wanted so I bought her five different ones in the hope that at least one would be suitable. Of course, I copped it as she said that I was not even getting a dying woman the bloody ice block she wanted. Of course, I told her how ungrateful she was, and we both laughed.

When I left that day, with her still gobbling on the third ice block, I told her I would be away for three days and that would see her on my return. We even had a bet that she would be returned to The Mater Hospital before I returned, and would be home before long. She told me that I needed a break (!!!) and to get some rest.

The next day as the children and I were travelling up the coast, I received a phone call.

Lisa had passed away.  This was truly one of the saddest days of my life. She had looked so well the day before, what had happened? Was their a mix up? Why couldn't they help her? How could this happen to one so young, with her children only 6 and 4.

I learnt a lot from Lisa and her family including her kids, her parents, her husband and her brother and his partner. I was lucky to have someone like Lisa in my life, albeit for such a short time.

I have had another friend pass away from this hideous disease, and have also a very close friend who has beaten this disease. 

So please, if you have a lump, no matter the size, go and get it checked out. No, a mammogram is not the most comfortable thing I know, but it sure beats the other option.

So today I am wearing my pink ribbon and thinking about all those who have beaten this disease, and those who did not.

Oh, and Lisa never did see Ashton start school.

For more info, click on this link

Enjoy your day

Lisa xox

Thursday, 20 October 2011

What the....?

You know how some days, weeks, months, you just wonder what you have done to the universe to make certain things happen?

I have had a few days like that this week.

I have offered to help out at the kid's schools fete's, being one weekend after another. That is fine, I like to help, although cannot get to meetings, which I told them. Lst week I did manage to get to both their meetings, although apparently I did not appear happy in one. No s...t sherlock

I may have looked like this
But let me tell you, inside I was doing this

 Some people need to remember that we are VOLUNTEERS and we are HELPING AS MUCH AS WE CAN and NO, MY LIFE DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND MY CHILDREN"S SCHOOLS!!!!

Sorry, about that. All under control now!

Anyway, that was fine, then my  darling Georgia has had a couple of issues at school that she is dealing with but sometimes it can just get a bit much for her so sorting that out now.

Then I was told by a very kind shop assistant that I MUST have children just about ready to leave home and would I like to buy them some kitchen utensils for $2 each....NO I DON'T WANT TO and if they did leave home, I think there would be a slight child mistreatment issue here

Then finally, I opened the gas bill.

What the......?????????????

yes, a gas bill for three weeks which totals $5,608.78

And it was for only THREE weeks in July!!!!!!

So, I have suitably phoned Origin Energy and spoke to the lovely Raj.
When I told Raj about the amount, twice, he then suggested that I must have a very big house. It appears that there is an error - WHAT???? REALLY???? - and that to not pay the bill at the moment until they look into it.

Thank you Raj, not only will I pop that bill aside (in the bin) but I also WILL NOT BE PAYING IT FULL STOP AS I WILL HAVE TO SELL MOST OF MY INTERNAL ORGANS TO PAY IT!

My thoughts are that as we live near the local hospital, they may their gas line to MINE!!!!!

So, that has been the last few days - hope you have been having a more successful week!!!!!

Lisa xoxo

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Moving house - oh the joys!!!

No, don't panic, we are not moving again, at the moment anyway.
The past 6 years has seen us living in 7 different houses so we are quite the experts.
Talking with someone the other day at a work lunch, they told me that they had just finished moving house....

for the first time in 22 years!!!

Now, obviously they are not very balanced, according to Albert Einstein (above) but we on the other hand are extremely balanced.

Lucky, as many of our moves are usually done like this...

....and yes, I look exactly like this carrying boxes when moving, NOT!!!!

Here is the story of our move, three moves ago.

The move was horrendous. Yes, I know you are all saying all moves are horrendous, and coming from someone who has moved a lot, it really was. We had Dodgy Brothers removalists come to do the big stuff, as I with the help of a wonderful friend, and Mum and Dad,Georgia and Sam, had done smaller stuff.

Well, to start with, Dodgy Bros  Removalists were 2 hours late. When they finally did arrive, they had no bloody roof on the truck as the day before they had gone under a bridge that was a little bit low and managed to take the roof off the truck.

 Perhaps I should have realised what they were like as I think this image was on their business card

Now, I know you think I am making this up, but there were  witnesses!!!! Luckily, we had a fine day with no rain so all our stuff didn't get wet!. Mind you, they were so hopeless that I did most of the moving myself with a horse float, Thanks again Maree!!! So, Dodgy Bros Removalists didn't have to do too much. Here is a pic of them hard at work with the truck!

Then of course, came the argument over payment at the end, some 10 hours later. Yes, 10 hours! No, we didn't move across the country, just three villages away, a total of 30 minutes and that is if stopped by cows on the road.
Like both of these here

and these below

 Well, they picked the wrong person didn't they. Some in cash, and some in a cheque, which was duly cancelled next business day. Never heard from them again, funny that. They are probably stuck under another bridge somewhere, losing yet another part of the truck.

So, moving house - just look on it as ensuring you are balanced, crap, it's just a real pain in the bum!

Next time, instead of using these...

I'm doing this.....



p.s. Once again, most images are from pinterest - and some are from typing in ridiculous things into google images!

Monday, 17 October 2011

A Picture says a Thousand Words

Today, it is about some pictures!
I would like to have this......

My hair would look like this...

I would be wearing both these.....

and this

and I would be either here....


or here.....

Alas, I am here


(all of the above images except my desk, are from pinterest)

Hope you are having a great day, now...back to work!


Friday, 14 October 2011

I am so lucky!!!

It has been a very busy week. Working in my full time job all week with after hours events and meetings every night. Then a meeting at Georgia's school to find out what I am doing at their fete - stage manager/presenter no less (!!!!)
Then a day's teaching today as well as still doing work for my full time job, three afternoon chores then took kids to Sydney to their Dad's.
Finally home at 8.30pm to do a bit more work. Yep, I feel shattered. It's been a busy week and my mind is racing about work stuff.

So whilst working I turned the TV on to watch My Sister's Keeper. I read the book not so long ago so know the story but had never seen the movie. I am actually still watching it now.

However, the tears won't stop. Seeing young kids suffer - it is not fair. To see anyone suffer is not fair.
But to see young kids suffer, who have not had the chances to live at least part of a decent life - why? Who chooses? Why do they suffer?

Sometimes I think that life has thrown me a few challenges and I used to ask why? But I have always said, that the kids and I are healthy and that is what counts

And it is. SO yes, I am a bit tired tonight, and I wish my mind could turn off for a while but you know what?

I am lucky and I hope you are too. And let's treasure what we have .

Now if someone can just get me another box of tissues I should be right!!!

"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."    Buddhist quote

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Homework - yes or no????

Some of you know that I am a former primary school teacher (not that former - doing a day on Friday so I don't lose all accreditation!!).
Below is me in action as a teacher

And as a teacher, I could never see the point of giving homework for homework sake. To just give out a sheet of whatever which has little to do with what the kids are learning at school always seemed a bit pointless to me.
And as a parent, I also believe it is a bit of a waste of time. I am always happy for kids to be encouraged to read, and I have always thought it doesn't matter what they read as long as they are reading.

Miss Georgia is an avid reader. She often has three or four books on the go, and has read and reread them all about 5 times.

Normally something like this

The Senior Sergeant (aka Sam) is not into books as much as his sister. He is happy to read some books but prefers facts such as Guiness book of Records, or Weird Facts and so on and so on.
However, his reading list has increased quite dramatically of lot - and this is what his reading consists of!!!!!

But back to boring homework. I beleieve that we need to be encouraging life skills in the kids. Why not make homework things like - washing the car, folding the washing, learning how to turn the washing machine on, asking an elderly neighbour if they need any jobs done or doing some other type of volunteer work.  Or do some of the grocery shopping (and make them pay for it - ha ha ha)

Anyway, Georgia got to do a pretty good assignment over the hols. Part of it was about health eating so she had to devise a menu for a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. She is pretty good at whipping up a batch of pancakes (excpet for a couple of weeks ago when she rang me at work to tell me she is never cooking them again as she almost set fire to the kitchen!!!). So she did a great job of a healthy breakfast of fresh fruit and yoghurt, and with her friend Ellie they prepeared a lovely dinner of fried rice, chicken kebabs and some very very yummy corn fritters.
Then on the weekend just gone she made sushi. The three of us love sushi and so we were keen on this one.

I am very proud of her as she did the shopping and came home and made them with no help (mmm, not so happy about the kitchen mess but never mind!!!). So well done Georgie, your sushi rolls were yum.

And finally, some decent homework!!!!!

Enjoy your day


Monday, 10 October 2011

The Big Dag!!!

Well, we can now officially cross off number 2 on our BIG icon visits.
Luckily, Number 2 was almost as close as Number 1 (The Big Spud)

Sam and I made the short trip down to Goulburn yesterday as Georgia had gone off to a friend's place (and saw the Prime Minister's Car just cruising through Bowral - mmm,  wonder what she was looking for - oh I know, perhaps a visit to Corbett Gardens to see the tulips now that the festival is over and you don't have to pay for what you could just look over the fence at anyway).


But I digress.

So down the Hume we went. After a brief lunch stop, and a visit to the new Target (gosh, how times have changed - I was hyperventilating at the fabulous Goulburn Target store) we then ventured over to have a squiz at the Police Academy - no Eddie Murphy there  can tell you. Young Sam, who I often refer to as The Senior Sergeant harbours some thoughts about donning the blue gear, but then again, he is also thinking of running vintage car tours - good to keep the options open I say.

Then just 5 minutes south and out of nowhere rising up towards the sky we saw......yep, you guessed it, THE BIG MERINO - or as we liked to call it - THE BIG DAG.  A massive big sheep stuck in between a petrol station, Maccas, and a bloody big roundabout.

So we did what all tourist do - we took photos of each other. SO as you can see, if you look really really hard you will see a little speck and that is the Senior Sergeant.

The eerie thing here is not only is there the obligatory gift shop (it is amazing what you can find in these places - magnets made in China etc) but you can also climb through the intestines and then peer out the Big Dag's eyes looking out at....yep, you guessed it, the roundabout. What a view!!!!!

That is NO. 2 done. Mmmmm, what BIG can we do next? All suggestions welcome!!!

Have a good week


Saturday, 8 October 2011


Was this the original planker???

Camping or Glamping!!!!!!

So today after a work meeting this morning (more on that later) the kids and I headed out to look at some specialist 'camping' stores.
Yes, we are soon to be real life campers.
We have a tent - a great second hand purchase thanks to some friends. Now I have camped in a previous life, some 25 years ago, and things have certainly come a long way.
Camping back then looked something like this
So a lot has happened since then.
Now you can get tents with rooms, ensuites, lights, air conditioners, heaters, built in tv (Ok maybe not that - but shouldn't be long!)

So, we have a tent.  We had a little test run the other day in the backyard - basically in the only 1/2 hour of sunshine we have had this week.

How hard could it be with the three of us.  Started with this.....

Then a bit of this......

And quite a lot of this.........

So 45 minutes later and we had this!!!!

Not too shabby!!!!

(OK, so Georgia is either 18 foot tall or we haven't quite worked out how to do the front bit properly but let's not get too fussy here!)

Yes, there may have been one or two pieces left over, and a bit of a strange lean but isn't that all the fun of camping.

However, I haven't given up on my dream..... of this. Someday :)

Hope you are having a great weekend


Thursday, 6 October 2011


So I have been reading blogs for ages now and thought, well, why the hell not!!!
So here I am.
I am Lisa and with my two gorgeous kids, Georgia and Sam, (well, most of the time they are gorgeous) and Charlie the Wonder Dog we left the big smoke of Sydney in June 2008 and moved to the majestical Southern Highlands Of NSW.
This was our country change - to get more out of life, and start afresh for me after a divorce.
So that's what we did. Our first house which we rented in the wonderful Robertson, home of the Mighty Spuddies footy team and the land of BABE.
Whilst we didn't see too many talking pigs (well at least not outside of the pub) we loved our time at Robbo, and our wonderful neighbours who helped us ease our way into country life.

Oh and of course, the home of the Big Potato (well, that is the official title)

Then, that house sold so we moved to the exquisite village of Exeter, right on the border of Bundanoon. There we lived on a fabulous property with brilliant views and the owners' cattle...well, we certainly learnt a thing or two there about animals!!!

Yes, we really did live in this house and it was the cheapest rent I have paid in a long long long time!

But, that house sold, sadly for us. So we packed again and moved to the other side of Bundanoon. We have some great friends in Bundy and managed to stay there for over 12 months and then...yep, you guessed it...sold
So we have now moved in to town!!! We kinda like it but would still prefer to be out of 'town' on a property with horses, cows, more dogs, motor bikes, pool, tennis court you get the idea!
Something like this

Ah, but the bank balance and reality really means something like this

So, hope you enjoyed my very first blog
And now you know why we are called Country Gypsies - not because I wear long flowing skirts with scarves around my head and belts that jingle (although I am quite liking the sound of that!) but because we rent and when you rent, you sometimes have to move, a lot!!!!

Well, at least Mum and Dad, I hope you enjoyed it as I will be phoning you tomorrow to make sure you read it!!