Monday, 31 October 2011

World's Worst Mother versus Halloween!!!

So today it seems as though I am the World's Worst Mother!

Yes, I have taken the title, am just awaiting my crown!

Here is my trophy!

Reasons for winning this esteemed title - I am not letting my children go trick or treating!!!

After an extremely 'busy' week and weekend in which I worked most of it (Sorry - I had to put 'busy' in '' because apparently that is the thing to be) in both paid and unpaid capacities, I am a little weary!

To say that I am feeling rather tired today could be taken as a big bloody understatement. I ran into a friend who told me I looked like %^&* and she is right! I do! I don't need to bother with the black kohl pencil outlining my eyes because they have so much black around them I can just scare little children by opening the door and looking at them.

And, I am about to go to another work job shortly.....let's not even start on that!

But back to the whole trick or treating - I don't really get it. It, to me, has nothing to do with us. SO, we supply huge bags of treats to children we have never seen before in our lives, or we let our own children go to doors unknown and say "Can I have some lollies?" when on any other day in the year we are not supposed to let them out of our sight??????

yes, that is me on the broomstick apparently!!!!

As I have said no to trick or treating, and dealing with the effects of being the world's worst mother, I decided to treat the kids and raced down to the special lolly store in Bowral today and make up a special lolly bag each for them.

After spending $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on lollies - which would have been much better spent on getting something for dinner!!!!! - I then also and went and got them a special trick or treat bag each (OK so that only cost $2 BUT THAT"S NOT THE BLOODY POINT)!

When they arrived home, both barely able to speak to me, I suggested they go and look at what was hanging on the door of their room. One answer was - "Well I still want to go trick or treating' and the other "Oh, I didn't know it was there, oh thanks"!

Let's just say that if you could take lollies back for a refund - I would have done that!!!

So, no, I don't believe in Halloween. I don't know what that is called or what I should be called - but BAH HUMBAG to HALLOWEEN......

BUT BRING ON CHRISTMAS - Now that's fun!!!!!!!!!

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