Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Homework - yes or no????

Some of you know that I am a former primary school teacher (not that former - doing a day on Friday so I don't lose all accreditation!!).
Below is me in action as a teacher

And as a teacher, I could never see the point of giving homework for homework sake. To just give out a sheet of whatever which has little to do with what the kids are learning at school always seemed a bit pointless to me.
And as a parent, I also believe it is a bit of a waste of time. I am always happy for kids to be encouraged to read, and I have always thought it doesn't matter what they read as long as they are reading.

Miss Georgia is an avid reader. She often has three or four books on the go, and has read and reread them all about 5 times.

Normally something like this

The Senior Sergeant (aka Sam) is not into books as much as his sister. He is happy to read some books but prefers facts such as Guiness book of Records, or Weird Facts and so on and so on.
However, his reading list has increased quite dramatically of lot - and this is what his reading consists of!!!!!

But back to boring homework. I beleieve that we need to be encouraging life skills in the kids. Why not make homework things like - washing the car, folding the washing, learning how to turn the washing machine on, asking an elderly neighbour if they need any jobs done or doing some other type of volunteer work.  Or do some of the grocery shopping (and make them pay for it - ha ha ha)

Anyway, Georgia got to do a pretty good assignment over the hols. Part of it was about health eating so she had to devise a menu for a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. She is pretty good at whipping up a batch of pancakes (excpet for a couple of weeks ago when she rang me at work to tell me she is never cooking them again as she almost set fire to the kitchen!!!). So she did a great job of a healthy breakfast of fresh fruit and yoghurt, and with her friend Ellie they prepeared a lovely dinner of fried rice, chicken kebabs and some very very yummy corn fritters.
Then on the weekend just gone she made sushi. The three of us love sushi and so we were keen on this one.

I am very proud of her as she did the shopping and came home and made them with no help (mmm, not so happy about the kitchen mess but never mind!!!). So well done Georgie, your sushi rolls were yum.

And finally, some decent homework!!!!!

Enjoy your day


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