Thursday, 20 October 2011

What the....?

You know how some days, weeks, months, you just wonder what you have done to the universe to make certain things happen?

I have had a few days like that this week.

I have offered to help out at the kid's schools fete's, being one weekend after another. That is fine, I like to help, although cannot get to meetings, which I told them. Lst week I did manage to get to both their meetings, although apparently I did not appear happy in one. No s...t sherlock

I may have looked like this
But let me tell you, inside I was doing this

 Some people need to remember that we are VOLUNTEERS and we are HELPING AS MUCH AS WE CAN and NO, MY LIFE DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND MY CHILDREN"S SCHOOLS!!!!

Sorry, about that. All under control now!

Anyway, that was fine, then my  darling Georgia has had a couple of issues at school that she is dealing with but sometimes it can just get a bit much for her so sorting that out now.

Then I was told by a very kind shop assistant that I MUST have children just about ready to leave home and would I like to buy them some kitchen utensils for $2 each....NO I DON'T WANT TO and if they did leave home, I think there would be a slight child mistreatment issue here

Then finally, I opened the gas bill.

What the......?????????????

yes, a gas bill for three weeks which totals $5,608.78

And it was for only THREE weeks in July!!!!!!

So, I have suitably phoned Origin Energy and spoke to the lovely Raj.
When I told Raj about the amount, twice, he then suggested that I must have a very big house. It appears that there is an error - WHAT???? REALLY???? - and that to not pay the bill at the moment until they look into it.

Thank you Raj, not only will I pop that bill aside (in the bin) but I also WILL NOT BE PAYING IT FULL STOP AS I WILL HAVE TO SELL MOST OF MY INTERNAL ORGANS TO PAY IT!

My thoughts are that as we live near the local hospital, they may their gas line to MINE!!!!!

So, that has been the last few days - hope you have been having a more successful week!!!!!

Lisa xoxo

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