Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Oh, It's Just a Bit Stiff!!!!

Tricked you with that title didn't I????

Now, I know that to be a medical doctor you need to go to uni for like a gazillion years and work 36 hours in every 24 hours and suffer incredible injustices and have no life.

After that, you can go and get a job being a Doctor, and I admit I don't know if it is that hard to get a job but I know many country towns are screaming out for them and offering them all sorts of weird and wonderful things, like all first born children from all local families, to get Doctors to work. And I think they are paid reasonably well???

I am not sure what the "Big Smoke' is like but considering it seems everyone has to wait a long time to see a Doctor I can only imagine it is the same.

Some of you may know that I injured my back a couple of months ago but this isn't about me.

This is about poor old Horse Girl. Over 7 weeks ago she fell over on a training run at school whislt doing netball training. A teacher got some ice for her to put on her ankle, and then let her sit on the cold hard ground until I turned up about 3/4 hour later to pick her up (No, I am not a bad mother, I arrived at the correct time becasue NO ONE thought to contact me to see if I could get her earlier).

It didn't appear to be TOO bad and she somehow managed to play a few minutes of basketball that night although that was probably not the best idea.

However, we have now been to see 4 different doctors, had an x ray, an ultrasound and a ct scan and what can they tell me?

Nothing. First, they thought she had a twisted ankle. Then it was sprained. Then tendonitis. After that, ligament damage. Next, some other bizarre thing that I have never heard of.  Oh, and then the latest was a talar dome fracture (just google it - I did!).

And now, oh, maybe it is just a bit stiff.  A BIT STIFF??????????  This is SEVEN WEEKS later Dr Doolittle, not seven hours!!!!!

Oh, look, just go back to the phsio and see if she can get a bit 'agressive' with it and then see what happens. If she is still having troubl, come back and see me!

STILL HAVING TROUBLE???? Oh, I don't know, I guess the fact she cannot put ANY FRIGGING WEIGHT on it may mean she is still having a bit of trouble - DON'T YOU??????????

Anyway, finally we have decided anough is enough. We are now going over and above everyone and have organised to see a 'specialist' in Sydney. This guy has been recommended by a friend who's daughter had a similar situation and yes, there was an issue, he solved it, and she is now fine and dandy.

So, Dr W, no pressure or anything mate but when we see you in a couple of weeks after your skiing sojourn, you better have the answers!

Or else I may just.....................fall down in a screaming heap!!!!

Moral of the story - NEVER GIVE UP or just don't listen to you Dr if you are not happy - one of the two anyway.


Lisa x0x

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Big Foot in Bowral?????

Yesterday's pinnacle of News coverage in Australia, The Southern Highland News, proclaimed that there is a "Big Foot" loose in the Southern Highlands.

Apparently there have been sightings as far and wide as Canyonleigh, Moss Vale, Mittagong and Bowral and I think even down to Goulburn.

Excitement abounds at this exciting news, we haven't had so much excitement here since 'RIvers' announced a sale on puffer vests.

Apparently, an 'expert' is traipsing around these hills looking for Big Foot. Mmmm, I wondered!
How exactly do you know where to look for such a creature and how do you know it is the true blue dinky di 'Big Foot' and not just some feral who's out for a big night?

Because, if this is what we are supposed to be looking for.....

Oh sorry, look at the one on the left, the one on the right is Madonna - easy to confuse.

I can guarantee you I have seen more than one of these on the darkened streets of Mossy after the pub closes (no offence Mossy but I could not find a pic of a puffer vest wearing Big Foot in Bowral).
And considering I just searched Wikipedia and found this definition..."Bigfoot is usually described as a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid" I know that I have some them roaming the streets.

So, do you set a trap to catch Big Foot I wonder? And how do you know what tasty tempting treat will entice them to come into the trap so that there will be mad celebrations that the Southern Highlands does indeed have its own bipedal humanoid? Banana and Pecan muffins?  A chai banana smoothie?  A big bottle of Jack Daniels?

I am not sure but I have a feeling that if someone does succeed in capturing Big Foot, it may look something like this in it mug shot!

Keep searching Highlanders - there's bound to be a reward!!!!

Have you seen Big Foot (and I am not talking about the Thorpedo here) and what would you do to entice him out of his hiding place???


Lisa xox

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Toorak Tractor

SO yesterday I wrote about our gorgeous new house and yard!
Loving it!

Except for this....

and this

and this...


I get home to find two cars at the entrance to our place. You have to drive down a driveway till you get to our gate then after tying Charlie the wonder dog up, open the gate and drive through the drive to round the back of the house.

So, I get home and start to drive down the driveway.

Hmmm, why is there a white ute in my driveway and the gate and why in god's name is there a massive big Range Rover BOGGED in the grass beside my driveway????

I get out of the car and ask the obvious - 'What the #!^!$@#&  are you doing?"

Reply from the Toorak Tractor driver - "I'm bogged"

No shit sherlock!!!!!  "What are you dong here?" I question again

"Oh, I was expecting a parcel."

Now I know I wrote about my man cave off my bedroom but I certainly don't remember one actually being in there and certainly not this doofus.

"Sorry, um, you don't live here" I tell him.

"I used to" comes the reply.

"Well mate, you haven't lived here for at least a month and you don't have the right to firstly come into my place and snoop around looking for a 'parcel' and then to be too f*****g lazy to back up the driveway instead you stupidly drove your overpriced car on to the grass area which is FLOODED and then got stuck so you revved the shit out of the car and now have sunk your fancy schmancy wheels in about 2 metres into the grass at my gate!"

His reply - "um, ah, oh, um, ah yeah!"

And then - "Geez your dog barks a lot"

If only he was a guard dog instead of a chatty friendly yappy dog!


Lisa xoxo

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

House No. 675

Yes, I know I have been very slack, well blog wise anyway, but it has been a busy few weeks.

We have moved house yet again and although still have all our crap belongings all over the place, it feels like home.

We have gone from a tiny little cottage to a four bedroom house with a double garage and a massive lawn area. The Senior Sergeant and I are excited as we have a ride on mower to use - once we work out how to make it go. We did manage to turn it on the other day but I can't work out how to make it move so we just sat on it in the garage, pretending to make it go.

Oh, and here's a tip. If you decide to start up your ride on mower that hasn't been used for a few weeks and there is a wee bit of exhaust fumes spluttering about, make sure you have the garage doors open. I know, you would never have thought of that on your own would you! My pleasure!

So a few things are unpacked, a few more were thrown out, and I even forgot to pack some things from a cupboard so they were moved whilst still in the cupboard, with no breakages. So I guess now I don't have to worry about carefully wrapping items and boxing them up.

It did help that we had the best removalists in the world, and I know a good one from a shocker, believe me. We have used these guys before, but they usually just do the really big items for me as I normally do the rest myself with a trailer, ute, horse float whatever!!

But with my recent back injury, I couldn't do much so these guys did lots more for me this time. And for anyone in the Southern Highlands, can I recommend Moss Vale Removals and Josh and Josh to do your moving (this is not a paid advertisement - although I am more than happy to receive payment) but I just want everyone to use them as they are so good (and I think they should give me a frequent user card so my next move is free!). Nothing is ever too much trouble for them, they pull apart and rebuild beds for me, connect up the washing machine, fix the basketball hoop, so many other things! They really are the best.

I just wish they waited a few extra days to bank my cheque but am sure the bank won't be too concerned about my slight overdrawn status at this stage (well, I haven't given them my new address yet so ha ha - one for me!!!!).

Even Charlie the dog is happy. He was so excited the other day when he got to run around he didn't know which way to go. Brings a tear to your eye to see the little fella running around madly with so many dog friends over the fence to chat too!

The house is actually probably a bit too big for us but as renters sometimes the perfect house never appears. We have four bedrooms but have turned one into a study which makes a huge difference as when I work from home, I don't have to set up the office on one side of the loungeroom. We even have two living areas which is great - one with the Vinnies brgain of the century lounge - I'll tell you about that soon.

But, wait there's more. The main bedroom is massive with a big ensuite and walk in wardrobe. There is also my very own private courtyard off the bedroom , although a bit chilly to be out there at the moment, and not too sure what I would do there anyway.

However, the icing on the cake?????? There is an extra little room off my bedroom which Horse Girl and Senior Sergeant have named "The Man Cave". Now, I have searched and searched in that room, but have not discovered any men in there yet, but will keep you updated if one or a few happen to appear.

So,yes, as I said we have spread out all our stuff over different rooms and cupboards and wardrobes and garages and wonder how on earth we fitted everything in the last place.

But, somehow we did. And fingers crossed, we stay here for a good while!


Lisa x0x

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