Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Oh, It's Just a Bit Stiff!!!!

Tricked you with that title didn't I????

Now, I know that to be a medical doctor you need to go to uni for like a gazillion years and work 36 hours in every 24 hours and suffer incredible injustices and have no life.

After that, you can go and get a job being a Doctor, and I admit I don't know if it is that hard to get a job but I know many country towns are screaming out for them and offering them all sorts of weird and wonderful things, like all first born children from all local families, to get Doctors to work. And I think they are paid reasonably well???

I am not sure what the "Big Smoke' is like but considering it seems everyone has to wait a long time to see a Doctor I can only imagine it is the same.

Some of you may know that I injured my back a couple of months ago but this isn't about me.

This is about poor old Horse Girl. Over 7 weeks ago she fell over on a training run at school whislt doing netball training. A teacher got some ice for her to put on her ankle, and then let her sit on the cold hard ground until I turned up about 3/4 hour later to pick her up (No, I am not a bad mother, I arrived at the correct time becasue NO ONE thought to contact me to see if I could get her earlier).

It didn't appear to be TOO bad and she somehow managed to play a few minutes of basketball that night although that was probably not the best idea.

However, we have now been to see 4 different doctors, had an x ray, an ultrasound and a ct scan and what can they tell me?

Nothing. First, they thought she had a twisted ankle. Then it was sprained. Then tendonitis. After that, ligament damage. Next, some other bizarre thing that I have never heard of.  Oh, and then the latest was a talar dome fracture (just google it - I did!).

And now, oh, maybe it is just a bit stiff.  A BIT STIFF??????????  This is SEVEN WEEKS later Dr Doolittle, not seven hours!!!!!

Oh, look, just go back to the phsio and see if she can get a bit 'agressive' with it and then see what happens. If she is still having troubl, come back and see me!

STILL HAVING TROUBLE???? Oh, I don't know, I guess the fact she cannot put ANY FRIGGING WEIGHT on it may mean she is still having a bit of trouble - DON'T YOU??????????

Anyway, finally we have decided anough is enough. We are now going over and above everyone and have organised to see a 'specialist' in Sydney. This guy has been recommended by a friend who's daughter had a similar situation and yes, there was an issue, he solved it, and she is now fine and dandy.

So, Dr W, no pressure or anything mate but when we see you in a couple of weeks after your skiing sojourn, you better have the answers!

Or else I may just.....................fall down in a screaming heap!!!!

Moral of the story - NEVER GIVE UP or just don't listen to you Dr if you are not happy - one of the two anyway.


Lisa x0x

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