Thursday, 12 July 2012

Wax On Wax Off Episode 2

The two regular readers of my blog will know that late last year I had a full leg wax for the first time in over 10 years. No, I have not being growing them in that time as I like smoooothhhhhhhh legs but after a terrible episode I steered clear of it until taking the plunge late last year before the inaugural camping trip.

No, i haven't been back for the legs again because let's face it it's the middle of winter, we live in The Highlands and with electricity bills these days, any type of body covering has to be a good thing.

However, I do like to keep my eyebrows tidy (well, a girl has to have SOME standards!!!).

So today I toddled off to the beautician to have those caterpillars on my face attended to.

Of course, walking into the beautician I managed to trip over the front step and instead of graciously arriving in to the calm peaceful serene tranquillity of the beautician, I managed to let out a stream of expletives and ask if 'Just for once today something could go F$%#@^@^G right (today has been a bit of a challenge in more ways than one but let's ;eave that for yet another post - needless to say it will hopefully make entertaining reading at some stage but it is too close at the moment!!!)

Standing ever so gracefully and waiting my arrival (well, I like to think so) were two serene, calm, peaceful beauticians who then proceeded to ask me how my day was.

"Well, unless you have three bottles of wine (and I ain't sharing) and a good couch for me to lay on and about 35 boxes of Kleenex, you probably shouldn't ask that question!" was my reply.

After they scurried away to no doubt call security about the strange and weird looking mad woman at the front, who had also just caught in a torrential downpour without adequate items to prevent looking like a drowned rat, I then sat on their beautiful and serene couch to try and take it all in.

Of course, after 10 seconds I had proceeded to nod off only to be called by the lovely Ms B to follow her through to the room of terror where the procedure would occur.

Now, I have absolutely no issue with having my eyebrows waxed - I could have lain their for days and not moved an inch whilst she worked her magic.

Of course, her lovely serene voice then asked again how my day was to which I ever so quickly replied that best we don't discuss that but more importantly how was her day.  Her ever so interesting reply was that she got caught in the rain without her umbrella so she was slightly water damaged (where I do not know ) and that she hoped the rain stopped as her brother was going skiing.

Not wanting to 'dampen' the situation (ha ha ha) I asked of she did indeed know what snow was made of and unless he was the James Magnussen of the ski slopes (get with it, the Olympics are coming up - you need to know that name) that it was highly likely he may get a little wet anyway.

This obviously stumped her as there was no more conversation but just hot wax all over my eyebrows.

As I was laying there wondering if I would win lotto next week, she then proceeded to put more hot wax on my eyebrow area. Now, my eyebrows are not overly large, and not particularly hairy as I do keep a pair of tweezers in my car for plucking whilst waiting at traffic lights when the sun shines so perfectly on those little stray hairs so I did start to become a little concerned.

Next thing I know, she has stripped that god damn wax off my eyebrows as well as half my forehead. Now, I did look in the mirror this morning and did not notice that I had started to grow hairs on my forehead so unless something strange happened today I was a little concerned.

I did ever so politely question as to WTF she was doing when her ever so gentle and serene reply came back to say that she had dripped some wax and this was the easiest way to get it off.

SO I now not only have perfectly groomed eyebrows, I appear to have a hairless forehead which I did anyway) but I am a little concerned now their may be some regrowth and my next visit will be booking in for an eyebrow and FOREHEAD WAX!!!!!!!!!

Wax on, Wax Off!!!!!!


Lisa xox

p.s. Oh, I was going to post some pictures of my beautifully groomed eyebrows but my forehead just kept getting in the way

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