Sunday, 22 July 2012

House No. 38798765

My regular readers (yes, all two of you) will know that we recently moved house.

For the 813th time.

Being renters, it appears that once we live in a property for the lease period the owner then decides to sell the property.

We obviously look after the place too well.

This has happened to us for the last 6 properties.

But, now, I have another new experience. It appears the landlord/owner of the property we moved in to 6 weeks ago, THAT'S RIGHT, SIX WEEKS AGO, has not being paying the bank what they owe them so the house is being repossessed.

In less than a month.

SO guess what??? Yep, we are on the move again.

I am not too sure how to face this one as this last move completely wiped me out. Must be getting older but I haven't got over this last move yet and we are at it again.

So, we still have a few boxes in the garage that are not unpacked, and they WILL be staying that way.
And now, guess what I am off to do....yep, pack some more frigging boxes.

Not that we have somewhere to go to yet. The real estate agent have advised me to keep looking at their website because they feel 'sure something will come up'. Yes, thanks Captain Obvious, something no doubt will come up but whether it suits us, is affordable, and the owner is not going to sell it nor have it repossessed, I shall wait to see.

So there you have it. If anyone else wants to throw something at us, now would probably be a good time.

Oh, and if you know of an unwanted house, let me know. I may know someone who is interested.


Lisa  x0x

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