Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Real Reality

Ok, I admit it.
I tuned into The Shire last night!
Horse Girl, Senior Sergeant and I sat transfixed to this terrible waste of 1/2 an hour that we can never get back in our lives.
We laughed. We were amazed. We tried to pull our lips over our heads to see who had the most botox.

It really was terrible.

We read, and posted, comments on facebook.

And then I felt mean. Who am I to judge these people?
Maybe if my show was reality television, people would laugh at me (or find my life pathetic - either/ or).

I started to think whether or not their had been some serious editing done to make two of those cast members look so bloody ridiculous it actually became not funny.

And how do those two feel today?

Are they oblivious to the way they were portrayed, or maybe then even liked it?
Or maybe, just maybe, they felt as though they were portrayed unkindly. and unjustly.

I don't know and frankly, don't plan to give too much time nor energy on thinking about it.

But today, I read of a little boy who at only 5 years of age passed away last night after suffering a terrible illness which was diagnosed only THREE months ago.

THREE months ago he was enjoying his first year at school, playing with his brother and keeping his Mum and Dad entertained.

And now, he has gone.

Today, his parents, brother, extended family, friends and school mates would be wondering what on earth has happened. Why is life so cruel? This little boy who only experienced a tiny amount of life, who should be talking incessantly to his school mates, who should be running around outside on this sunny day and kicking a footy, or going to dance class, or just doing whatever he damned well wanted to.

I don't know this little boy, it was only through the power of social media I came by his story.  But I am so sad for him and his family.

And that, my friends, is REALITY.

RIP Little Talin - you are an angel now and have a job to watch over your Mummy and Daddy and your little brother. I hope all your pain and suffering has gone now.

And I am going to hug my kids a little bit tighter tonight.

Lisa x0x

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