Friday, 13 July 2012

What Guard Dog?

I have written in previous posts about Charlie The Wonder Dog, our golden retriever.

Of course, I was never allowed a dog when I was younger because of my two brothers. No real explanation - I just blame them.

So Charlie is a wonderful addition to our little household, we have now had him for 6 years (I think) and he is larger than life.

But unfortunately, he ain't no guard dog.

He is a Retriever though, as he has come home with many different items when he has escaped the yard. Awkward moment was when we lived in one place and I didn't know he was getting out when I was at work and kids were at school, other than the fact that on arriving home there was always a shoe awaiting me at the front door.,

No, not mine nor Horse Girl's nor the Senior Sergeant's!! The neighbours. Who had just moved in. And kept ALL their shoes outside as they had new carpet and didn't want to dirty it.

Of course, there was also the issue with Lucky the Chook, who did survive a Charlie cuddle. And the dead mouse (well, that wasn't a family pet at least).

But since we have moved into the latest house, I have had two lots of unwanted visitors come knocking at the door. Well, one lot were very unwanted, but the second one was looking for previous tenants.

So what does the WOnder Dog do I hear you ask????  He just welcomes them, guides them up the path and then licks them waiting for a pat.

Meanwhile, he can bark in the middle of the night if an ant crosses his path until I get up and scare the big scary ant away (or I threaten him that if he doesn't shut up I will...get really cross).

SO Charlie, please can you try and act a bit scary when unwanted people arrive - even a bark or two would be good. I know you just LOVE everybody and LOVE it when they pat you, but NOT EVERYONE IS NICE!!!!!

Don't be deceived, he hides when he is in the car!!!!
I have to put my head out the window and bark just to save face in dog world!!!!!


Lisa xox

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