Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Update... Olympic Style

Although I did not make the Olympic team this year (as opposed to all those other years) I have decided to push on for a new Olympic Sport - moving house.

Packing, once again, has me thinking!!!

Surely there could be an Olympic Sport in which we could have people having to pack boxes and crap, move house, and unpack in record time.

And I reckon I would stand a pretty good chance at Olympic Gold.

Of course, there may be some hidden Chinese competitor, or some one from France that no one had thought about, but I think that sporting bet would give me fairly good odds at winning.

Or perhaps a team event....

Am very keen on this way of moving...any volunteers????

Yes, there has been no miracle, and no, I have not won lotto, so we are on the move AGAIN!!!!!

Life sucks sometimes!!!

And it is at the moment!!!

Of course, we still live by the motto ONWARDS and UPWARDS but sometimes the motto behaves a bit like good old James Magnussen relay swim (just kidding James - give it all you've got mate!) and just dissipates into thin air!!!

So I am in the process of packing again. Although, lucky for me (remember, glass half full) I hadn't unpacked EVERY box so at least I have a slight head start (and in my Olympics, I am allowed one!!).

Of course, nothing would run smoothly as we don't yet have somewhere to go. Mmm slight problem that.

I had put an application in on a place around the corner from where we currently are but decided that the owners were asking for about $3 million more per week than it was worth!

Ah, but no. They have decided they would prefer their property to sit there vacant without any one in it and ask a ridiculous price rather than expect my offer which was slightly under the $3m mark.

SO off I go on the internet trawl again.

Surely, something will come up...soon...really soon...like REALLY BLOODY SOON.

Anyway, back to packing. I wonder what uniform the Olympic House Moving competitors should be wearing?


or this.....

Would save on washing!!!!!!!

And incidentally, do the beach vollyeballers really need such skimpy pants??????
And what is she pointing to...wedgie anyone??????


Lisa x0x

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