Wednesday, 13 June 2012

House No. 675

Yes, I know I have been very slack, well blog wise anyway, but it has been a busy few weeks.

We have moved house yet again and although still have all our crap belongings all over the place, it feels like home.

We have gone from a tiny little cottage to a four bedroom house with a double garage and a massive lawn area. The Senior Sergeant and I are excited as we have a ride on mower to use - once we work out how to make it go. We did manage to turn it on the other day but I can't work out how to make it move so we just sat on it in the garage, pretending to make it go.

Oh, and here's a tip. If you decide to start up your ride on mower that hasn't been used for a few weeks and there is a wee bit of exhaust fumes spluttering about, make sure you have the garage doors open. I know, you would never have thought of that on your own would you! My pleasure!

So a few things are unpacked, a few more were thrown out, and I even forgot to pack some things from a cupboard so they were moved whilst still in the cupboard, with no breakages. So I guess now I don't have to worry about carefully wrapping items and boxing them up.

It did help that we had the best removalists in the world, and I know a good one from a shocker, believe me. We have used these guys before, but they usually just do the really big items for me as I normally do the rest myself with a trailer, ute, horse float whatever!!

But with my recent back injury, I couldn't do much so these guys did lots more for me this time. And for anyone in the Southern Highlands, can I recommend Moss Vale Removals and Josh and Josh to do your moving (this is not a paid advertisement - although I am more than happy to receive payment) but I just want everyone to use them as they are so good (and I think they should give me a frequent user card so my next move is free!). Nothing is ever too much trouble for them, they pull apart and rebuild beds for me, connect up the washing machine, fix the basketball hoop, so many other things! They really are the best.

I just wish they waited a few extra days to bank my cheque but am sure the bank won't be too concerned about my slight overdrawn status at this stage (well, I haven't given them my new address yet so ha ha - one for me!!!!).

Even Charlie the dog is happy. He was so excited the other day when he got to run around he didn't know which way to go. Brings a tear to your eye to see the little fella running around madly with so many dog friends over the fence to chat too!

The house is actually probably a bit too big for us but as renters sometimes the perfect house never appears. We have four bedrooms but have turned one into a study which makes a huge difference as when I work from home, I don't have to set up the office on one side of the loungeroom. We even have two living areas which is great - one with the Vinnies brgain of the century lounge - I'll tell you about that soon.

But, wait there's more. The main bedroom is massive with a big ensuite and walk in wardrobe. There is also my very own private courtyard off the bedroom , although a bit chilly to be out there at the moment, and not too sure what I would do there anyway.

However, the icing on the cake?????? There is an extra little room off my bedroom which Horse Girl and Senior Sergeant have named "The Man Cave". Now, I have searched and searched in that room, but have not discovered any men in there yet, but will keep you updated if one or a few happen to appear.

So,yes, as I said we have spread out all our stuff over different rooms and cupboards and wardrobes and garages and wonder how on earth we fitted everything in the last place.

But, somehow we did. And fingers crossed, we stay here for a good while!


Lisa x0x

Our Little Home

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