Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Big Foot in Bowral?????

Yesterday's pinnacle of News coverage in Australia, The Southern Highland News, proclaimed that there is a "Big Foot" loose in the Southern Highlands.

Apparently there have been sightings as far and wide as Canyonleigh, Moss Vale, Mittagong and Bowral and I think even down to Goulburn.

Excitement abounds at this exciting news, we haven't had so much excitement here since 'RIvers' announced a sale on puffer vests.

Apparently, an 'expert' is traipsing around these hills looking for Big Foot. Mmmm, I wondered!
How exactly do you know where to look for such a creature and how do you know it is the true blue dinky di 'Big Foot' and not just some feral who's out for a big night?

Because, if this is what we are supposed to be looking for.....

Oh sorry, look at the one on the left, the one on the right is Madonna - easy to confuse.

I can guarantee you I have seen more than one of these on the darkened streets of Mossy after the pub closes (no offence Mossy but I could not find a pic of a puffer vest wearing Big Foot in Bowral).
And considering I just searched Wikipedia and found this definition..."Bigfoot is usually described as a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid" I know that I have some them roaming the streets.

So, do you set a trap to catch Big Foot I wonder? And how do you know what tasty tempting treat will entice them to come into the trap so that there will be mad celebrations that the Southern Highlands does indeed have its own bipedal humanoid? Banana and Pecan muffins?  A chai banana smoothie?  A big bottle of Jack Daniels?

I am not sure but I have a feeling that if someone does succeed in capturing Big Foot, it may look something like this in it mug shot!

Keep searching Highlanders - there's bound to be a reward!!!!

Have you seen Big Foot (and I am not talking about the Thorpedo here) and what would you do to entice him out of his hiding place???


Lisa xox

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