Monday, 10 October 2011

The Big Dag!!!

Well, we can now officially cross off number 2 on our BIG icon visits.
Luckily, Number 2 was almost as close as Number 1 (The Big Spud)

Sam and I made the short trip down to Goulburn yesterday as Georgia had gone off to a friend's place (and saw the Prime Minister's Car just cruising through Bowral - mmm,  wonder what she was looking for - oh I know, perhaps a visit to Corbett Gardens to see the tulips now that the festival is over and you don't have to pay for what you could just look over the fence at anyway).


But I digress.

So down the Hume we went. After a brief lunch stop, and a visit to the new Target (gosh, how times have changed - I was hyperventilating at the fabulous Goulburn Target store) we then ventured over to have a squiz at the Police Academy - no Eddie Murphy there  can tell you. Young Sam, who I often refer to as The Senior Sergeant harbours some thoughts about donning the blue gear, but then again, he is also thinking of running vintage car tours - good to keep the options open I say.

Then just 5 minutes south and out of nowhere rising up towards the sky we saw......yep, you guessed it, THE BIG MERINO - or as we liked to call it - THE BIG DAG.  A massive big sheep stuck in between a petrol station, Maccas, and a bloody big roundabout.

So we did what all tourist do - we took photos of each other. SO as you can see, if you look really really hard you will see a little speck and that is the Senior Sergeant.

The eerie thing here is not only is there the obligatory gift shop (it is amazing what you can find in these places - magnets made in China etc) but you can also climb through the intestines and then peer out the Big Dag's eyes looking out at....yep, you guessed it, the roundabout. What a view!!!!!

That is NO. 2 done. Mmmmm, what BIG can we do next? All suggestions welcome!!!

Have a good week


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