Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Moving house - oh the joys!!!

No, don't panic, we are not moving again, at the moment anyway.
The past 6 years has seen us living in 7 different houses so we are quite the experts.
Talking with someone the other day at a work lunch, they told me that they had just finished moving house....

for the first time in 22 years!!!

Now, obviously they are not very balanced, according to Albert Einstein (above) but we on the other hand are extremely balanced.

Lucky, as many of our moves are usually done like this...

....and yes, I look exactly like this carrying boxes when moving, NOT!!!!

Here is the story of our move, three moves ago.

The move was horrendous. Yes, I know you are all saying all moves are horrendous, and coming from someone who has moved a lot, it really was. We had Dodgy Brothers removalists come to do the big stuff, as I with the help of a wonderful friend, and Mum and Dad,Georgia and Sam, had done smaller stuff.

Well, to start with, Dodgy Bros  Removalists were 2 hours late. When they finally did arrive, they had no bloody roof on the truck as the day before they had gone under a bridge that was a little bit low and managed to take the roof off the truck.

 Perhaps I should have realised what they were like as I think this image was on their business card

Now, I know you think I am making this up, but there were  witnesses!!!! Luckily, we had a fine day with no rain so all our stuff didn't get wet!. Mind you, they were so hopeless that I did most of the moving myself with a horse float, Thanks again Maree!!! So, Dodgy Bros Removalists didn't have to do too much. Here is a pic of them hard at work with the truck!

Then of course, came the argument over payment at the end, some 10 hours later. Yes, 10 hours! No, we didn't move across the country, just three villages away, a total of 30 minutes and that is if stopped by cows on the road.
Like both of these here

and these below

 Well, they picked the wrong person didn't they. Some in cash, and some in a cheque, which was duly cancelled next business day. Never heard from them again, funny that. They are probably stuck under another bridge somewhere, losing yet another part of the truck.

So, moving house - just look on it as ensuring you are balanced, crap, it's just a real pain in the bum!

Next time, instead of using these...

I'm doing this.....



p.s. Once again, most images are from pinterest - and some are from typing in ridiculous things into google images!

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