Thursday, 6 October 2011


So I have been reading blogs for ages now and thought, well, why the hell not!!!
So here I am.
I am Lisa and with my two gorgeous kids, Georgia and Sam, (well, most of the time they are gorgeous) and Charlie the Wonder Dog we left the big smoke of Sydney in June 2008 and moved to the majestical Southern Highlands Of NSW.
This was our country change - to get more out of life, and start afresh for me after a divorce.
So that's what we did. Our first house which we rented in the wonderful Robertson, home of the Mighty Spuddies footy team and the land of BABE.
Whilst we didn't see too many talking pigs (well at least not outside of the pub) we loved our time at Robbo, and our wonderful neighbours who helped us ease our way into country life.

Oh and of course, the home of the Big Potato (well, that is the official title)

Then, that house sold so we moved to the exquisite village of Exeter, right on the border of Bundanoon. There we lived on a fabulous property with brilliant views and the owners' cattle...well, we certainly learnt a thing or two there about animals!!!

Yes, we really did live in this house and it was the cheapest rent I have paid in a long long long time!

But, that house sold, sadly for us. So we packed again and moved to the other side of Bundanoon. We have some great friends in Bundy and managed to stay there for over 12 months and then...yep, you guessed it...sold
So we have now moved in to town!!! We kinda like it but would still prefer to be out of 'town' on a property with horses, cows, more dogs, motor bikes, pool, tennis court you get the idea!
Something like this

Ah, but the bank balance and reality really means something like this

So, hope you enjoyed my very first blog
And now you know why we are called Country Gypsies - not because I wear long flowing skirts with scarves around my head and belts that jingle (although I am quite liking the sound of that!) but because we rent and when you rent, you sometimes have to move, a lot!!!!

Well, at least Mum and Dad, I hope you enjoyed it as I will be phoning you tomorrow to make sure you read it!!


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