Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Common Frigging Decency

Being back in the classroom teaching this last little while has made me think (I know, it appears, according to some people, that I obviously had not been doing that previously!!!).

But, I am going to be a lot more specific here than just thinking. It is about COMMON FRIGGING DECENCY.  I am currently teaching the most gorgeous group of 7 and 8 year olds and am half way through a block of teaching weeks with them. They are quite incredible kids and we ahve had a fabulous time together. I have even received compliments from both the kids and some parents which has been very nice and pleasing to a slightly shattered ego.

I am very lucky with this group of kids as I have no real behaviour issues with them, and we do tend to laugh a lot during the day. There are other issues with some of the kids, but their smiles and giggles and laughter and funny comments means I know that despite what may be going on outside school, they are just gorgeous kids, and who all have exemplary manners.

I do have a bit of an issue with manners and have taught my own kids to ensure they use them.

However, the past few hours/days/weeks and months, I have been ever so pissed off at the lack of manners and just general respect for each other as human beings.

Of course, I am way too polite to name names here (but oh boy do I want to!!!).

But I will try and keep the list short.

Case 1 - a parent who came to school the other day to pick their child up early (so they could get to the pub early, I believe) who told me that she had 'SO much f#%6ing trouble finding my class'  (yes, in front of the class, and we were in the playground) and that her time had been wasted and what was I going to do about it.
My reply - well, it seems you are now not only wasting my time but also the air I am trying to breathe so if you cannot be polite I suggest you go away, ever so quickly!!! Yes, these were my words!!! No one has the right to talk to another like that - and I am not going to let children see adults talk to another adult in such a demeaning way. EVen one of my gorgeous boys suggested to me that "she was a bloody nutter" (and yes, we have now had the swearing talk).

Case 2- to the people who almost ran me down today, even though they knew me (oh, sorry, blonde moment, obviously when they realized it was me they wanted to frigging run me down!).  And yes, this was someone who I had been associated with professionally at one time and who I had listened to whinge and whine and carry on and gone out of my way to help out.

Yep, great to see adults who show a complete sense of gutlessness when 'push comes to shove'

Case 3- Return a frigging message - Please DO NOT TELL ME YOU ARE BUSY - so is the rest of the freaking world!!! I understand busy! Believe me I do!  But in this world of technology, phones, computers, internets, cars, transport, pens, paper, homing pigeons, if I leave a message, and ask for it t be returned, I AM NOT FREAKING JOKING!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, it is so important these days for everyone to be busy - I hear it day in and day out and that's fine. We are all busy.  Yes, I am busy. I work full time (well at the moment anyway), I deal with 23 gorgeous kids every day and come home to my own two gorgeous kids of a night, after football/netball/basketball/oz tag/weddings/parties/anything.

Yes, I then cook dinner, clean up, look after the dog, do the housework, worry about the world, my kids and some kids in my class, my family, my friends. I search every night for a permanent job as I have always worked and never asked, nor will ever in the future, for a hand out.

I also try to do some of my own business stuff, which is sadly lacking at the moment. I am also either packing or unpacking or repacking or unpacking the repacking of boxes.

I also try to get out and do some exercise for my health and to also try and get this bloody back condition sorted once and for all.


No, this is not a sob story. Everyone is busy.

But if I leave a message, BLOODY WELL RETURN IT!!!!!!

So there you have it. I have seven year olds with much better manners than some 27/37/47/57 year olds I know. And no, it is not you! I am sure!  They know who they are, and somehow, I don't think they are reading this.

SO, tonight's blog post is brought to you by


Tomorrow, I hope to resume to my normal broadcast.

That is.....



Lisa xox


p.p.s. ANd maybe, just give someone a compliment tomorrow. Doesn't have to be over the top, but you never know, it might just really make their day. PLEASE

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