Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Oh Danny Boy!

Many of you will know (ok, two of you) about the Country Gypsy family's unfortunate happenings in trying to keep animals alive.

Let me say, We LOVE all animals (ok, I don't LOVE snakes and spiders) but the other types we love. Although I do also have to admit that I am a dog person, and not a cat person, but would never do anything to endanger the lives of them.

SO this story I am about to tell you did not in fact happen to us but rather to a friend of mine, who has given me permission to retell it.

And any cat lovers out there, I am just warning you that you may like to go away and look out for my next post!

The story goes...

One morning the lovely P was running a little late for work and was rushing the kids to climb in the car to get to school. Now P is a Mum of 5 (so she gets an award just for that) and she was taking the two youngest to school. Two of the older ones had already begun working life and the third was catching the bus to high school.

SO off the lovely P and her two gorgeous little ones went, driving through the lovely country lanes of the Southern Highlands.

Then, after a while, they could smell something.

The first choice was to blame the youngest family member, who swore black and blue that it was not indeed him and why did he always get picked on!

The smell continued to permeate through the car, but they drove on and got to work/school and on with their busy day.

On the way home that afternoon, the smell returned. This time, the lovely P suggested it may have been something some of the far4mers put on their crops, although she herself was not convinced of this.

As they got closer to home, the lovely P decided that it may indeed be some type of vermin that had ingeniously climbed in to the bonnet and perhaps and met their maker.

On arriving home, one of the elder children raced out to the car to tell P that her little kitten, Fluffy, was missing.

"Oh dear,' thought the lovely P  (well actually she didn't really think that but I am trying not to repeat what she actually thought).

Not wanting to open the bonnet herself, and trying to shield the family members from what was undoubtedly going to be a  horrific scene, she called on of her older sons and his mate to come out and open the bonnet.

Which they did.

To sounds of screaming and howling.

Yes, poor Fluffy had indeed climbed into the bonnet early that morning and life as he knew it had ended rather dramatically.

Now, this is a sad story and one which we hope does not happen again.

However, please read on.

So, amongst the tears from Fluffy's owner, and the female household members, to some rather outrageous comments from a couple of males in attendance, the decision was made there and then that Fluffy was worthy of a grand send off, even though her little life had been so short.

Preparations were made.

A hole was dug in the ground (by this time it was pelting with rain people so just try to use your imagination here). 

A bouquet of flowers were picked as a sign of remembrance.

An appropriate box had to be located and a warm blanket to keep little Fluffy safe of his journey to who knows where.

But unfortunately, not just any box would do. Because poor Fluffy had obviously passed on with shock rather than any other type of injury and rigor mortis had already set in so just an ordinary box wouldn't suffice.

They needed one to fit ....

Yes, this was the actual position that the cat was in.

With a pair of scissors and some extra strength masking tape, they managed to gently lay little Fluffy to rest wrapped warmly in a blanket in a custom made box.

Now I know you think this is the end of the story but no.....

As little Fluffy was being laid to rest, the youngest member of the family, Master N, aged 6 at the time, proceeded to sing "oh Danny Boy".

Now the lovely P does not know why the gorgeous Master N decided to belt out the tune from the old homeland but let's just say there was some tears down a few faces that evening.

R.I.P Little Fluffy

I think we can all learn a lesson here


Lisa xox

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