Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Kiss Me Katut!!!!

I can't believe that it is almost 3 months since I last wrote an insightful, yet very witty, post on the Country Gypsies blog.

I know, the screams of excitement that I am back are almost deafening, and I will now try to ensure that the witty ramblings of this little Gypsy are once again a lot more regular!!!
Screams of excitement from adoring fans!!!!!!

SO, let me fill you in peeps on all that has been happening in the life of the Country Gypsies.

Um...well..where to start.... ok, I got nothing!!!

SO instead, I will bore  review the year that was 2012, just in case you may have forgotten.

Of course we have moved house in 2012, as we appear to do most years. Unfortunately, 2012 saw us move twice, in a matter of 6 weeks, and yes I do pay my rent on time.  However, not only did the first house sell, then the second one, which we LOVED LOVED LOVED was repossessed by the bank as the owners were in a spot of trouble!
Here I am moving another heavy box!!!!!


Did someone say "spot of trouble" Nathan Tinkler anyone????

Never mind, we got the trusty removalists Josh and Josh back and these boys did yet another brilliant job. However, let's just say the unpacking hasn't quite finished as who knows what the next knock on the door might be....

Unfortunately Charlie the Wonder Dog is completely confused and really has no idea where we live so on his daily escape from our back yard (that is no lie I tell you), one can find him at a number of different properties that the little country gypsy van has stayed in.

Of course, he has now found the lovely couple up the road who have another Golden Retriever so he is often found up there kicking back with a pina colada in one hand, smoking a cigar by the pool.

It's a Dog's Life

The Senior Sergeant is on his last days as the Head Honcho at primary school - well school captain anyway. Just seems like yesterday he strode into his first day in kinder in Sydney, loudly declaring that he had arrived and everyone should just continue on. Thank goodness he eventually got over the phase of not wearing any underwear to school (well I think he did!!!).

Horse girl is heading into those wondrous years of school - Year 9!!! Oh what a joy the new school year will bring with all those teenage girls who cannot decide from one minute to the next who they like/don't like/can't stand/ bff's etc etc etc. However, she is one tough cookie so I am sure she will get them sorted out faster than she can say - Why can't I have a horse?????

ANd for this little black duck, well the working days of 2012 have proved to be VERY VERY VERY interesting. I learnt a lot about how people should not be treated, I learnt a lot about how when you sign a contract it always seems that those with more money can just turn around and say "oh, well, it wasn't a real contract" and I also learn more about how people can just lie straight to another person's face without flinching. But hey, I know that I can lie straight in bed at night (well, when my back is having a good day that is) and that eventually, some day, maybe in a pink fit, those people will pay me what they owe me and honour that contract.

But I have also been teaching a lot and that has been fun. Nothing like suffering from a bout of tonsillitis (when you don't have your bloody tonsils!!!) and trying to teach and having kids tell you that you look worse than when Dad gets home from the pub after a night out (mmmm, hope he liked HIS report card) or the little girl who asks you if you ever actually brush your hair cause its always so 'all over the place' (well, did she ever look in the mirror!!!), or the boy who tells you how much he loves you (and can he have the one remaining chocolate Santa) or the little girl who gives you a Christmas card with your name spelt wrong, but she tells you how much she loves you and that you are her best friend!!!!!!

So, all in all, it has been one busy year.  2013 - who knows what to expect the next 12 months will bring us.

But hopefully, you will have a very Happy Christmas with few family arguments (unlike my own!) and that the New Year is filled with whatever you want it to be (personally, 12 months on a semi deserted island with just a select few is sounding pretty good right about now but......)

Kiss me Katut!!!!!!


Lisa x0x

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