Wednesday, 25 April 2012

They Shall Not Grow Old

Well, I am back here - 'back' being the operative word. Unfortunately the back trouble was something a bit more serious than I thought so still not up and about as normal yet.

But today, ANZAC DAY, I thought - get over yourself Lisa! I swallowed a couple of strong painkillers and off we went to the Moss Vale ANZAC DAY march.

Senior Sergeant, being School Captain, was walking in the march with school and laying the wreath with his gorgeous co captain, Miss Z.

Horse Girl was delighted as there were some light horse reenactment horses and soldiers, then she had to help me walk up the street! Lucky for me, she did it without complaining!

The march started with the horses and one of the bands then a few of the old diggers. Not sure of their ages, but they were a fair age I'm sure. They looked out of their cars and smiled and waved at us.

So, this set me off. I did warn Horse girl that this may happened, but the tears started. I could not help it. These men, and then some women who followed, have seen in their lives what no person should see.
They have lived in a way that no person should live. And they have no doubt had troubled times, through no fault of their own.

We walked (slowly) up to the Cenotaph and stayed their for the service. I was very proud of the Senior Sergeant, the way he composed himself, looked after some of the younger kids (apparently even one of the kindy kids decided they didn't want to sit on the grass but in Sam's lap - which he let them!!)

Then he and Miss Z walked over together, laid the wreath, and bowed their heads in respect. And all I could think of was how could a mother, father, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, friend, watch their person go off to war at an age only a couple years older than these two.

And so I cried again!

And I even wondered how many of those diggers would be there next year. But, I am certain, that the legend and tradition is safe for the future. Seeing some of those young kids, either walking with senior family members or wearing medals, or even waving the flags we got given, I know they will keep this happening for years to come.

We will remember them.

Lest we forget.

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