Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mr Almost Right!

No Mum, don't panic, I haven't married again!

But, I was interested to read the news the other day that the Catholic Church has advised women, particularly in the 25-34 age bracket (oh damn, I just miss out) to not wait too long to marry. For no other reason than they might run out of options.

Interestingly there were some very important statistics that were attached with the story.
In relation to this particular age group, once you take out those who are already married, in de facto relationships, gay, too interested in going to the pub with their mates, earning less than $60 000 and complete and utter nutters, there is basically five eligible men left.

So, it seems that all those eligible women now not only have to fight over the five eligible men left but it doesn't matter if they like them or not, let's not even suggest love, they should just hook up and marry them.

Because Mr Good Enough appears to be fine.

Mmmm, not sure about this.

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