Sunday, 20 May 2012

Post Number 100!!!

I know I know
Can you believe it?
This is actually my 100th piece of inane, insane, and completely ridiculous ranting about our life and other important things

I can't actually believe this is Number 100. I did think about taking a leisurely stroll down memory lane and reading them all again, but hey, I just didn't! Maybe one day.

I did actually try to put some thought into what witty, insightful, and just plain interesting topics I would write about in this milestone piece of writing.

And then I had another drink!  Actually, no, that's not quite true. I actually have not had a drink for some time now, not because O am doing dry July, or Feb fast, or sober October, or who gives a...January!

I injured my back and am still trying to recover. Oh, don't worry (as if you were) it is SLOOOOOOWWWWWWWLLLLLYYYYYY getting better. Nowhere near as fast as I had hoped or thought it would and at times it still hurts like hell. And considering the foreign substances I have put in my body over these past few weeks under the guise of helpful pain killers, I am actually thinking I may end up as a preserved cat instead of a human being! So, am juts staying away from a wee dram for the moment.

Life has been interesting in more ways than one. Not only have I never, ever, in my life dropped so many things on the floor since I have been unable to bend down but I have learnt some interesting things about human nature.

See, I actually thought that at the ripe old age of 35, 38, 40, 42 ok well anyway, I thought that I pretty much understood how human beings work.

Ah, I just had a light bulb moment (please insert dinging sound effect). Perhaps some of those I have had to deal with of late are not actually human beings???? Just a thought.

See, I am still of the belief that human beings are all nice, and want the best for others. I know, I know, that is not always the case and no doubt I have ruffled a few feathers in my time. But, I have been involved in yet another learning process these past few weeks. Not only has my medical knowledge expanded somewhat, but I have also been dealing with people who have now shown their true colours.

Of course, no names, no pack drill, but suffice to say that  I have been amazed. Just when you think you may know someone, their true colours come bursting out and my faith is human nature starts to waver.

However, even though I expect this behaviour to continue, I  believe that I now know where some of this comes from. Their complete and utter insecurity!

So, although I know that tomorrow may not always be a bed of roses (mmm, no one said anything about the prickly thorns) I know what is fundamentally right from wrong and I also know how to treat another human being.

This lesson in life is one that I have also been discussing a lot with Horse Girl and the Senior Sergeant. I do not want them to grow up thinking that people are mean, inconsiderate, and sometimes just complete and utter $#$@$%@&^^%'s!

But, I want them to realise that they should not allow others to push them around, both figuratively and physically, but also about
standing up for what is right and true.

That NO person has the right to mistreat others and to ALWAYS fight for what is true and DO NOT let others stand over you. And especially so called 'professionals'!!!!

Oh, and to then walk away and have a good old laugh at these dickheads as well!!!

And, I'll be back again soon with Post Number 101!  Guess what? We are moving again!!!!


Lisa xox

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