Thursday, 4 April 2013

I Like Big Butts......

This post was going to be about the latest medical update but..... who really gives a...????

So, instead I am dedicating it to the fellow in India who has placed an ad seeking a new wife.

Mr Vimadalal (I'm sorry and I'm definitely not racist but this seriously sounds like a type of curry!!!), was born in India but now lives in a hacienda in Mexico, as an Indian multimillionaire would.

The Vimadalal Curry I believe

It appears Mr V (no, I am not typing that name out each time as it is making me slightly hungry) made his fortune in the travel industry, first becoming a pilot in Canada then making his millions from a travel agency he set up with his wife in the good old US of A.

Unfortunately Mr V's wife passed away after an accident three years ago (mmmm, was it really an accident????) and he is now seeking a new wife.

Although, there are a few requirements, as one would expect a 69 year old millionaire to have.  These requirements include being under 40, have a sense of adventure and a desire to live an exciting life (!!!), NOT a vegetarian and slim.   Oh damn, just when I thought I was half a chance I just fall down on that one criteria of not having the desire to live an exciting life.
I always seem to lose my ski's

Just some of the girls and I chilling last weekend after a sky dive  - NOT EXCITING


Otherwise, I would have been a sure thing, no doubt.

And apparently Mr V has been searching for a while for the new MRS V. He has been looking in the US, Mexico and online but unfortunately had only found a 'bunch of idiots'!!!!  He does come with some baggage, no doubt Louis Vuitton, and also owns his own private plane, a sprawling palace and apparently lots of fast cars and bikes

Since he placed his $21000 ad, he has interviewed about 20 potential bridzellas but their has not been that special spark.  Who would have thought that with the readership of the Mumbai times, he has not found his true love.

Can't see no fat bottoms here!!

Apparently, he has met some nice women. And they don't even have to have a nice face. So I guess this means they could have a paperbag over their head but the "...girls who have been very nice had big fat bottoms. I don't like that."

I think he may have actually decided a new form of advertisement now
Check out his new youtube advertisement...

So Mr V, it appears that there won't be true love between you and me. Cos let's face it....

Cheers everyone!!!!
Here's to big butts.................

Lisa xxx

p.s. Here is the article link - see I didn't make this one up!!!

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