Monday, 1 April 2013

Get Those Eyes open Charlie!!!!!!!!!!!

Well today, April 1, begins a new month. Now I am typing this after midday so this isn't another ridiculously stupid April Fool's Joke.

Yes, unfortunately, we have lost not one but three family members, e, and of the animal kind.


You may have been aware that we recently obtained three little chicks, only a couple of weeks old. Normally I wouldn't take animals away from their mother at such a tender age, and we didn't.

However, we didn't - they had already been removed so we took them in and were very careful with them.

We cuddled them, kept them warm, correct food and fresh water.

Both Horse Girl and the Senior Sergeant were very loving and caring, and we did have a few laughs when they managed to jump out of the little box we kept them in. (although I wasn't laughing when they crapped everywhere but oh well, I have all the time in the world to clean that up apparently).

They even managed the move.  And we were lucky that we had a inbuilt chook pen in our new place so after being extremely careful, we moved them to the outdoors, and they moved into their chook hutch which was located inside the chook pen which was fenced and gated.

And every morning and every night they were checked on.  They enjoyed careful time out of the hutch and all was looking promising.

However, yep, you know where this is going!

The curse of the animals in the Country Gypsy household struck again!

Last week, Horse Girl and her good friend went out to fill up their food container again and alas, all had gone to that chook pen in the sky.



Fresh food - tick

Fresh water - tick

Safe housing - tick

And yet, all three dead!!!!!

But I can say one thing for certain.

I bet Charlie the wonder dog is grateful for every day when he opens his eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIP Little chooks!!!!


Lisa x0x

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