Friday, 9 August 2013

It's Been a While.......

Yes, It has been a while.

No, we haven't moved house ...again...yet!!!!

But life just seems to get in the way.
However after thousands of requests (ok, one!) I am back.  Now it's up to you if you want to read it.

So I am currently back teaching - think I am much better suited working with kids than many adults. They make me laugh, cry, pull my hair out, but I get paid to have fun when I work so there;s no complaining about that.

I am not going to say where I am currently working for obvious reasons but am teaching a great bunch of 8 year olds for a period of four weeks which I am in the midst of. These kids are heaps of fun and we have great days every day.

But I will tell you of  a couple of interesting incidents this past week.

The first was Open Day which was last week. This is when parents, grandparents and random people come in and check out the work the kids have done, and make sure the teacher knows what they are doing (oh well, almost got it).  As it's not my class full time it is a little more difficult but these little troopers worked so hard and we had the room looking great - heaps of their work up and really colourful (and a couple of hundred dollars later with me getting things in to brighten the room up).

Being the temporary teacher is cool because it means you can always play the good guy.  We had heaps of parents and grandparents come in which was great.

Until the awkward moment when a certain grandpa took a bit of a liking to me (yeah yeah I know - he's only human!!!!).  

Now poppy Joe was all of 90 and was on two canes. He was also 85% blind and about 3000% deaf.   But of course his opening line was "Well, they certainly didn't have teachers like you in my day" and this was followed by an evil laugh.

Of course, being the person that I am I just politely laughed then tried to push a number of small children out of the way so I could get as far away from this man as possible.  I have absolutely nothing against elderly men of course but in case you don't remember, you may want to revisit this post...

Anyway, every time I turned around, there was Poppy Joe leering at me. I think there may have even been a slight dribble coming out the side of his mouth.  But I continued on my polite and merry way advising the parents that "yes, little Sally is a lovely girl but that does not make her gifted and talented" and  'yes, little Bob is polite but I am not sure that the voting for school captain for 2017 is underway just yet'.

Trying to talk to so many parents and then cuddling a new baby (am I running for PM or what??) did mean I let my guard down ever so slightly.  Until I felt a clammy hand on my ass and a slight squeeze. As a small amount of vomit crept into my throat I turned around to a toothless smile (I swear he had teeth when he came in) and a twinkle -or a bit of dust- in his eye. 

Now as I am still trying to seek permanent employment (and not a sugar daddy) I had to be very careful here. Of course those of you who know me personally know how tactful I am (insert cough) so I had to be very careful here.

Let's just say I managed to hurdle a couple of desks, and quite possibly a couple of small children and a stroller to get to the door and announce that open classrooms were finished and everyone should leave NOW!!!!!!!!!!!  (and with the current state of my knees, hurdling was no mean feat!!!).

Now, if you think that was an interesting day, wait until the next post.

It features a parent meeting, and a very unsual word for the spelling list!!!!  Dictionary meaning anyone?????

Have a great day

Lisa x0x

p.s. No pictures in this blog. I just couldn't do it!!!!

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