Tuesday, 10 September 2013

This May Offend!!!!

So this wasn't meant to be the next post - I still owe you another one about a school experience. And that is quite a funny story.

This will come!

But, this post I need to vent. Big. Huge. So much that I may, unintentionally, offend some.  So please feel free to go somewhere else.

I am fed up. Completely. Utterly. Over it.

And if you can explain any of this to me, go for it.

Why is it that some people can work their guts out, not intentionally offend others, but just do the right thing and then get the raw end of the deal????

Work. Pay taxes, Look after their own. Not bludge. Not expect the government to support them when they can easily get off their bums and go and earn money to look after themselves and their families and STOP BLOODY BLUDGING.

Because the money that you take from the government should be used for those that really and truly need it.

Not me. I am working. Ok, some days are a bit harder than others with my legs at the moment but so what. A bit of pain, but onwards and upwards.  I don't expect you, or anyone, to give me money. I don't expect the government to pay for my surgery. Of course, it'd be great but why should they pay for me. I'll either find the money or have to wait a bit longer. Let me tell you, not ideal but so what. You, nor the government, or actually the taxpayers of Australia owe me!

Because that money should be going to those who need it.

Like people who suffer from illnesses, including life threatening ones, who can possibly only survive by trying certain drugs, which aren't on the free or whatever list the government has. 

A drug that may prolong and extend a life of quality, so that a family can continue to live as best they can, whether it be a beautiful child who for some inexplicable reason has been struck down with an insidious disease.

Or a loving parent who has thought they had beaten an illness only to find it return and with a hope of a certain drug but it costs tens of thousands of dollars and where on earth are they going to find that money when they still need to provide for their family?????

I am over it. I am over seeing certain charities claim to raise money and it doesn't go to where it is needed but rather for certain staff to have amazing Christmas parties or whatever.

I am over seeing Governments, whoever is in power, wasting my money, as a taxpayer, on the most ridiculous of items when there are people suffering every single day, who don't deserve too.

And I am over those bludgers who think they have it tough and live off the Government/Australian taxpayers and don't get off their bums and take a bit of responsibility for themselves and /or their families by getting a frigging job!

I am happy to pay my taxes and work so that it helps those who are not able too. But only those who are NOT able to, not those who CHOOSE not to.

Because I want to know how they can afford their new cars, fancy pants items, every electronic item under the sun, nice holidays etc etc 

Oh I guess if I didn't pay rent or school fees or utilities  or other items that I take responsibility for as an ADULT, maybe I too would be like that.

I choose not to. I choose to be responsible for myself and my kids, and I'm not asking for anything for me. But I want people to go into some of the children's wards in hospital's, or cancer treatment centres, and other such areas to see where taxpayers money REALLY should be going.

Anyway, this probably won't make sense to some. And it may irritate others. But it's my opinion and I'm entitled to it, just as much as you are to yours.


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