Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Years Just Melted Away....

So these Easter holidays Horse Girl, the Senior Sergeant and I have dusted off the tent and headed up north again. For yet another camping trip.  This time we were lucky to join some old friends ( well,lets not say old, lets say long time friends), and joined their Easter camping sojourn at a lovely little place called Hat Head.

For these international readers it is about 5 1/2 hours north of Sydney or 7 hours north of our little home in the Southern Highlands.  This wonderful group of friends have been holidaying here for about six years and this year we managed to invite ourselves along for the experience!!!

So after the Senior Sarge played footy out in the sleet and freezing cold at Robbo,  we packed the car so it was completely chockas and headed up North.  After a brief overnighter at Nana and Pa's we headed up the Pacific Highway and arrived at Hat Head to a plethora of beautiful camping sites set up with every possible contraption you could want.

Then we put our tent up!!! Well, I say we but let's face it, I stood back like a girl and watched the manly men pop up the tent in a matter of seconds whilst I stood back looking the glamour camping queen that I am.  Well, I think I was too concerned at this stage about getting the champers on ice than worrying whether the tent was in a suitable state.

With wonderful friends,the years apart melted away and it felt like I was 17 again, sitting outside the Orchard Tavern in Chatswood whilst they were all inside drinking away legally, and I was the silly fool who couldn't manage to forge a signature correctly.  Only this time, I am of legal age so decided to try to catch up this many  years in one single evening.  So lets just say, I apologise unreservedly for what was said that evening, and am grateful for the fact that EVERYONE else has definitely forgotten what I said as well. Actually, I probably won't apologise at all but if they don't forget,  I will happily not be able to recall the events - a bit like receiving a $3000 bottle of Grange and having no recollection of it - hey Barry!!!!

Anyways, the kids had an abundance of new friends to make and were made to feel welcome.  Understandably it was a bit difficult for Horse Girl and the Senior Sarge at first, with all the other kids spending every Easter for the past six years but friendships were made, and Facebook has already been continuing the magic.

It is amazing how although many years have passed, some things never change.  Of course, my weight not being one of them, unlike some of the others, but the ability to have a chat and a laugh still continue. Of course, there are a couple of new partners who I now hope to call friends, as is the way of the world.

 Since arriving home, a part of me has had a melancholy feeling, thinking of what has happened in the years passed and how lives can take different turns for us all.  At times, it felt like nothing had changed, yet at other moments I admit that I felt that I had possibly been inhabiting a completely different universe for many years.  But, I promised that I would try and make these posts funny so let's hope I can keep that promise.

So I am not going to enthral you all with the goings on around the non existent campfire, but rather a table with a rather odd looking Buddha on it, in the one post but spread input over a couple of posts (let's face it, it's going to take me that long to decipher my notes, and add my own twisted  interpretation of the evenings).

But, for all of those so concerned, I won't be using real names ( and let's face it some of you were rather adamant on this - I'm presuming you aren't on the Interpol list???) and I probably won't be
using photos taken there - well not many anyway but do reserve the right to insert my own images to stress particular items!!!

So,sit back, grab a nice glass of........., and enjoy the ride..

Lisa xxx

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