Sunday, 18 May 2014

Forever Thankful

I have a few half written blog posts that I need to complete - including more exciting tales from the recent camping excursion.

However, once again I am using this platform for self indulgence - whateves - you don't HAVE to read it - although some of you will be tested.

The past few days have been tough. Really. Frigging. Tough. But I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO thankful that it only lasted a few days, unlike some poor sods who don't receive the great news we did this afternoon.

The Senior Sarge had been complaining of a sore hip these past few weeks.  Being the concerned mother that I am, I think perhaps the words "Toughen up Princess" may have snuck out of my mouth at one or two moments of weakness - mine that is.

But considering that Mr Hockey has decided that taxpayers need to continue to fund his cigar addiction and put even more pressure on our health system by charging those who can least afford it to visit medical establishments I thought we best get this checked out. Stat.

Now following on from my own medical procedures the past 12 months and Horse Girl's newly diagnosed asthmka as well as the old netball ankle, we are on extremely friendly terms with our GP. To me, he is one in a million and I am so thankful that we have him looking after our health issues.

Funnily enough, whenever we visit, we do tend to 'crap on a bit' as HG and the SS say but I don't mind a wee chat and normally neither does he.

So on venturing in at the start of last week, he was somewhat surprised that the patient was indeed the SS with his size 14 clodhoppers.

After the SS advised the Doc of the medical predicament - "My hip hurts" - we were duly sent off for an x ray.

Thinking not much of it, I managed to secure the follow up appointment for a few days later, not in any rush.  We hadn't even walked in to the Doc's room when he said he was EXTREMELY concerned and that we needed a CT immediately if not sooner (excuse the use of the royal WE here but he had it, I paid for it - hence the WE).

There was an unexplained shadow on the hip joint.

There was no time for idle chat, no time for a joke or two, but just a look that I never want to see on a medical professional's face again.

We arrived to get the CT scan done, with me trying to behave normally and the SS worried that he would have to take his socks off as it is not a pleasant odour.  The kind staff said they had been waiting for us and rushed him straight in.

This led me to be standing on the main street of BOOOOOOOWWWWWRRRRRRAAAAAAALLLLLLL in the freezing cold on the phone to a family member with tears streaming down my face.

I know we are supposed to think positive, I know we aren't supposed to worry and I know that DR Google really needs to FRIGGING LEAVE the internet but none of that worked.

This was out of my control and I didn't like it one bit.

Trying to stay cheerful as he had no idea, guess who got their favourite take away that night.

And guess whose Mum could not stop cuddling him all the time.

I managed to keep one cup of coffee and one coke zero down for 48 hours and that was it.

I have two exceptionally clean bathrooms, my school work is planned weeks ahead, and all those buttons and hems have been fixed.

It was a long wait.

And a hell of a lot of tears.

But, he is OK. He is better than OK. He is fine.  The scans showed all is good.  I wanted to hug the Doc. Instead I clung on to my boy for dear life and cried again. And again. and again.  I even hugged his Dad.

Not the most recent pic but still as gorgeous as ever

This is so selfish of me as there are people out there who don't get that result.

They don't hear those words.

And they would still be numb.

My heart, my soul, and every part of my entire being goes out to those people.  I really don't know how you do it.

May every strength come to you and may you soon receive the joy that I did tonight.

Cos sometimes life can just be shit!

And other times, like for my little family tonight, it can be unbelievably precious.

So hug someone you love, and send positive thoughts to those who need them.

Because they really do

Lisa xox

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