Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Complete and Utter Ramblings (I Blame The Flu!)

Well, here I am again.  I have finally been able to let go of the Senior Sarge now that all his test results are clear and basically he is probably just a growing boy, growing being the operative word as he seems to grow every night.

I am very lucky, exceedingly so, with my two offspring.  We rarely argue (well excluding the fact that the SS and I had a doozy of a barney last night - could be associated with the fact that I have my first yucky cold in about three years and feel like crap) but I'm sure once his ban on electrics is over, and a bit f a run at footy training tonight will ensure we are back on track.

However, in a selfish way, it's not only luck.  I have put in a lot of time and effort, as many parents do, in to trying to provide as much as I can for these two and for ensuring they know what is right and wrong.  And so does their Dad. We may not have been able to be married, and let's face it we still don't agree on a lot of stuff, but he is their Dad, and despite what has happened between us, we both want the best for our kids.

Oh, in saying providing as much as I can, I don't mean material things. I mean love, happiness, different experiences and a lot of laughs.

I'm not really sure where this piece of writing is going today but I just felt like getting back on this blog bike and trying to keep it going.  In my own personal cathartic way.

But I have been looking around the world of late and looking at the way some people are making choices.  Good and bad.  Oh, I am not criticising anyone's right to make a choice, heaven knows I still don't make the correct ones too bloody often, but by golly by gosh some people really need to look outside their own frigging world. OK, so maybe I am criticising, No one's perfect.

We don't know how lucky most of us are. Yes, I have a crappy cold, my throat has stolen all the razor blades from my shower (side note - thank goodness I'm not baring my legs whilst I appear to have ingested these razors), and at times at the moment I am feeling a little overwhelmed with trying to work one and three quarter full time jobs every day.

But, it was my choice to put myself under this extra workload, and it's only for a few weeks.  It seems no matter how hard we work, there really isn't any $$$ left over at the end of the week.

However, I am happy.  Ok, could be breathing a bit easier, my fringe was cut too short at my last haircut and I really need to mop my floors but in the scheme of things, I am true to myself, and to the universe.

And that, to me, is what matters.

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