Sunday, 29 June 2014

Happy Birthday to.....

Today is my Birthday.


So I have decided to give you the presents, cos that's the way I roll (and you don't know my address to send pressies to anyway)!

I'm giving you my wisdom.

Yes, 48 Things I have learnt in my 48  few decades of being (in no particular order)

1.  Treasure every moment - they go way too fast.
2.  Don't shave your legs - continue with the waxing you first started at 16 even though back then it hurt like all get out
3.  Don't doubt yourself.
4.  Treasure your family - as much as they may drive you crazy, they are very special to you.
5.  Ditto re friends - some will arrive and leave, and some will stay. Some of this is out of your control - don't stress.
6.  You are not perfect - neither is anyone else.
7.  Keep fit
8.  Keep drinking lots of water - even in winter
9.  Don't be afraid or embarrassed of the 'Black Dog'. It comes to visit but you DO have the strength to kick it aside. It's just that sometimes are harder than others
10. Never stray from one of your true loves - LEOPARD PRINT (just not all at once)

Too much?

11.  Travel.  Then travel more. Always open your eyes to more travel opportunities
12.  Never say never.
13. Champagne is good for you - Gin not so much (well, that's just me!)
14. Ditto Vodka
15. Don't let the downers get to you - not everyone has to like you
16. You don't have to like everyone
17. Chocolate is good for dinner every now and then.
18. Ditto Blue Cheese
19. The park can be sooo boring when the kids are little - that's OK
20. A great bonfire is a great soul soother

Can just stare ay this for hours and hours and ....

21. Always tell those you love that you do
22. My house is not a showroom - deal with a bit of mess
23. Take a risk or two - not dangerous but put yourself out of your comfort zone
24.  Learn to touch type
25. Believe in yourself
26. You don't have to say YES to everything
27. You can't control everything - some people are just deadest idiots!
28. Follow your heart - wherever it takes you
29. Find joy in every day - you actually can
30. The petrol light doesn' mean see how far you can get with it on, Get petrol now

Take note of this

31. Some people can really shit you. Even if they are your friends, they can just take take take.
32. If people shit you, stay polite but ease back from them.
33. Wear a spencer on cold days. Passion killer but who gives a...  Stay warm
34. Swim as much as you can. No better feeling than being in the ocean
35. Laugh. And keep laughing. Nothing better
36. If you are sick, stay home. No pint working, especially teaching, when you are sick. Takes you too long to get over it.
37. Glandular fever is the pits. Don't get it a third time
38. Speak up. When people do the wrong thing, don't be afraid.
39. Try to choose your words wisely
40. Don't stress the small things


41. Do what you love and love what you do
42. Learn to surf. Even if you're hopeless, its still a great laugh
43. See as many sunrises as you can - they are incredible
44. Ditto sunsets, appreciate them
45. Be the best you can be
46. But don't be too hard on yourself
47. You ARE doing a great job - keep it up

and finally

48. CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY EVERY YEAR - whether big or small, be grateful for the fact that you get to have another one - many people don't!

So I hope you have a great birthday whenever it is.  I will be!!!!!


Lisa x0x

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