Thursday, 19 June 2014

Nana's Gone Off - Literally!!!!!


I was sitting watching The Project the other night whilst doing some 'blogging' when I heard a rather unusual story.

About fireworks.


But not just your average $45 billion fireworks on Sydney Harbour at New Years Eve.

Sydney Harbour going off!!!!

No, this was a family who decided to turn their dearly departed's ashes into fireworks.

Are you frigging kidding me????

Yep, they turned Mum and Nana into some fireworks and on a dark and wintery night on Sydney Harbour, they said a few words "Who's brought the bloody lighter?" and proceeded to light Mum and Grandma and send them off.

High high high up into the sky.

There they go....

Where they burst into technicolour and then rained down on the edge of the harbour, bits and pieces of the family hitting the ground harder than a Kardashian falling off their skyscraper heels.

Um, I don't know about you but I certainly don't want Horse Girl and The Senior Sergeant (my offspring for you newbies to this blog!) packaging me up, lighting me and sending me up into the sky in a blaze of light and colour.  And noise.

No siree.

I want a party but where every one sings ABBA songs, wears pink and yellow and drinks champagne by the bucket load and telling stories about what a wonderful and witty person I was (hey, it;s my funeral, you have to say nice things about me then!!!).

Go you good thing

Here's to me!


And although I'm happy for a firework or two to be fired in my honour, hell you  an even play Katy Perry singing FIREWORK,  you WON'T be using ME as the ingredients for said firework.

Click here for Katy Perry singing Firework

So next time you are at fireworks, spare a thought for the dearly departed.  They may be falling upon you as we speak!!!!

Is that Nana or Great Aunty Lottie?

Do you love fireworks?

Are you a champagne drinker??

How's Nana???


Lisa x0x

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