Monday, 30 June 2014

Fashionista Friday..on a Monday???

I know, I know.  This is supposed to be on a Friday as that is Fashionista Friday but just for this week I have changed it ( and any other week that I might choose to as well).

Anyways, I have decided to bring Fashionista Friday early this week as I saw something that I just couldn't forget.

Now, before I offend anyone, and I don't wish to do that at all, remember that I recently confessed to having more than one perm, and also a hairy chin!

But I just can't come to grips with the mullet.  You know, that hair style that doesn't know if it wants to be long or short, the hairstyle that comes with its own built in sun visor for the back of the neck.

Now, I am not being critical of kids here - most of them can get away with any hairstyle because most kids are cute.

I am talking about the more radical version of the mullet, on fully grown adults, who should know better. Have you ever looked in a mirror people?

And I don't just mean the Farnsy ( aka John Farnham) mullet as that was more of an awkward type rock star look, but the more radical versions.

Such as this...




And this!

absolutely no words...

I really don't mean to offend but it's just not something that does ANYTHING at all for this little duck. And in my short survey, it doesn't seem to do much for too many others either.

If someone can explain the reasoning behind why supposedly grown men like this look, please feel free. I am all ears ( well I'm certainly not all hair growing down my back)!

Do you have a mullet?

Do you have a hairstyle named after a fish?

Are you a Farnsy fan???

Oh Farnsey, you legend you


Lisa x0x

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