Friday, 20 June 2014

Fashionista Friday #2

From the massive response to last weeks Fashionista Friday #1, I have decided to continue this series.

With one of my favourites.

Leopard print!!!!

Insert cute animal picture.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE leopard print. I do!  OK, I never said I was 'in fashion' (although I did work with Marie Claire mag for six months - but don't hold that against me!!), but I do love me a leopard print.

However, there are certain rules that I believe one should follow when wearing leopard.


According to fashion stylists (whoever they are) one must learn not to overdo things!!!  I'm sorry but have you seen what those fashion stylists wear!!!!

Anyways, I believe that leopard print is timeless.  Like ABBA music.  Like Paddle Pops. Timeless!

Gratuitous Abba Shot

BUT, and I mean BUT there is only SO much leopard print one should wear. At. Any. One. Time.

Exhibit One -

Too Much?

See, I told you I loved it.  Just not all at the same time!

Exhibit Two -


Some things are just wrong. 

Oh, what the heck. As long as you feel good, who gives a toss!!!!!


Except this.

Wrong. So, so wrong!!!

There is very little right about this. Very. Little.

Do you love a leopard print?

Did you work at Marie Claire??

Are you OVER the Kardashians???


Lisa xox


  1. So I finally got a chance to look at your blog. How funny!. Great on a Friday arvo with a wine in hand. Will try now to check in regularly. Have a good weekend!
    From Your partner in crime.

  2. Hi Partner in Crime
    Thanks for your message. Nothing better than a Friday afternoon, wine in hand and hopefully a few laughs! Thanks for your support xx