Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Off The Bench....Seat!!!!!

My birthday is coming soon!

No, no presents.  Really.  Oh you're too kind.

But having a birthday quickly approaching tends to make one think about how they are getting up in years ever so fast (well me anyway!).

So I started thinking about my early memories of this amazing thing called my life.
Oh stop, really!!!!!

One of my absolute earliest memories is of Mum driving me to preschool, Biralee, at Lane Cove,  to be exact.  Now I can't remember what day it was, or what I was wearing ( although it would have been stylish I'M SURE), and I can't even remember my teachers name. But I'm fairly sure she would have been driving a Holden. Mum that is, not my teacher, whoever she may have been.

Similar to this (I think!)

But I can remember sitting in the back seat whilst Mum was driving me there.

Of course, seatbelts were not worried about back then - either they were very careful drivers or we just took risks.

But, if memory serves me, and I may or may not be making some of this up, we were driving along Tambourine Bay Road up to preschool.

Suddenly Mum had to slam on the brakes and lo and behold little Chubby Lisa went flying off the bench seat in the back and got stuck behind the front bench seat.

Yes, stuck!!!

Best pic I could find - can you see a little chubby hand waving, there, look closer!!!!

Hey, I haven't always had the figure of a supermodel.

Anyways, I remember crying, devastated that not only had my mother almost sent me flying through the windscreen faster than pensioners at a buffet ( I have nothing against pensioners but have you seen some people at a buffet???), BUT left me there.

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT stand in their way!!!!


And she kept driving!!

Do you know the fear that a little chubby three year old girl with awkward plaits had instilled in her that day, and that has never left this slightly more than 10 x 3 (!!!!) year old ?

Who still has the same fear of bench seats in the car???

Bring on the bucket seat I say!!!

Safety first I say!!!!

What is your earliest childhood memory?

Did you go to Biralee??

Is it your birthday soon???


Lisa. x0x


  1. Happy Birthday my fellow gemini. I have rather similar memories of a car although ours was an old rusty ford and i didnt get wedged in the seats, I just used to burn my bum on the really hot days on the scorching hot ripped vinyl seats. Pensioners at a buffet are almost as ferocious as my kids at a desert table. Almost ;) xx

    1. Hi Sonia
      Thanks so much for your reply - I'm so excited that a blogger such as yourself took time to comment. Yes, those hot summer days on the vinyl seats weren't pleasant at all. Love the imagery of your kids at a dessert table!!! Thanks again for replying x