Saturday, 14 June 2014

Plasticine teeth

I love my two children dearly. Completely. Wholeheartedly
They are without doubt the best thing that has happened to me and I treasure every day with them.

BUT FFS!!!!!!!!

Why oh why do they have to be so special/unique/one of a kind???

Now normally, I would treasure their individuality/uniqueness.

But HG and I recently had a visit to the Orthodonti$t.

So I will now not only be auctioning off body parts, but working 39 hours a day, 18 days a week, 425 weeks a year.

"Braces?" you may ask.

Oh no, nothing that simple.  Of course not.  Because HG is unique. One of a kind. AN individual.

Gorgeous, unique, beautiful.. But weird mouth apparently!!!

With a frigging weird mouth.

As we walked in to our first appointment, the lovely Dr D - with an incredible head of hair but I digress- exclaimed "Oh, I've been waiting for you".

Thinking that he was no doubt one of Country Gypsies avid readers, I announced with my usual witty reply " Oh, I didn't realise you already knew about me and were such a fan".

Or does he know me from somewhere else??

After an awkward moment of silence, Dr D announced that he wasn't actually;y waiting for me but rather HG as he had received the X - ray of her n=mouth and of course, it was unusual.

Noice. Unusual. Different.

But not in a good Kath and Kim way.

In a way which will cost thousands and thousands of dollars and a few years work.  Of course it will.

Because she has too many teeth, and not enough teeth.

Confused???  I was still getting over his impressive head of hair too comprehend this until he beckoned me to peer into my offspring's mouth.

Hair like this.but sort of not

I love HG dearly.  But did I seriously need to look so closely into her mouth??  Will yes indeed I did.  Because she has one too many teeth at the bottom front, she still has three baby teeth with no adult teeth ready to replace and is missing four of her molars!!!!

So whilst I was still trying to get over peering into her mouth and trying not to vomit because of my fear of anything to do with dentistry, HG was having moulds of her mouth taken.  At a cost of $200. Each.  With bloody plasticine.

How much does plasticine cost these days???

And next we will be going to see Dr D in his office in the big smoke so he can outline the dental program of work that my beautiful HG will be undergoing over the next few years.

And no doubt, to peruse his travel  brochures he will undoubtedly have at the ready in preparation for no doubtedly his next overseas sojourn.

Have you ever been to an Orthodontist?

Do you need an extra body part?

Planning an overseas trip?


Lisa xox

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