Monday, 16 June 2014

Blind Zebras

I like to pride myself on being a fair to middling  great driver.  Of cars.

I haven't had an inordinate amount of accidents, that were always my fault.

Ok, I may have backed into one or two inanimate objects, I may have run up the back of the car in front on my wedding day ( well they should have moved!!) and I may or may not have accidentally hit a parked motor bike once. Or twice.

But I can swear on my heart that I have never hit a pedestrian. Yet.

But, if people don't start to walk across the zebra crossings at a pace faster than a snail, then I can't make any promises.

Amazing the pics you can find on the www.

Now, I am more than happy to patiently wait while the elderly, informed, or little humans ( thanks Nikki for that expression!) cross the road but seriously people - MOVE IT!

There is a particular crossing near us that drives me berserk.  I may have once or twice almost accidentally run over one or two people but that was completely unintentional. It appears I do have a blind spot.

Blind Zebra?

But yesterday whilst driving up to this crossing, I thought I would do the right thing (and possibly the legal thing) and let these obvious city dwellers, down for a country weekend, cross the road (you can tell the visitors from their outfits - I'll leave that for another post).

Anyways, I sat there patiently waiting whilst Daddy pushed the fancy pants stroller and Mumsie held on to the toddler's hand as they crossed the road.  At a frigging snails pace.  Actually, it was slower than a snail's pace as I swear I nodded off for a 15 minute power nap, woke up and they still hadn't reached the other side.

Why people?

Why do you think that you can cross the road using fairy steps when on a country weekend when you would no doubt be the 4wdriving city slicker who runs down people in the city, whilst emitting petrol fumes from your Toorak tractor?

Actually, if I win lotto, I am getting one of these!!!!

I practised some deep breathing techniques (actually, I may have been having an asthma attack at the time) and thought that my good deed for the day was complete.

Just as I gently pressed my foot to the accelerator, the next frigging family of strollers, toddlers, and puffa vest wearing idiots started to cross.  Realising I had little choice but to release the accelerator, I then thought that no doubt they would acknowledge my patience and give me a jovial wave and a thank you.




Mr and Mrs Selfish and the Selfish Offspring then couldn't decide which side of the road they actually wanted to get their mocha, choca latte so they started the discussion in THE MIDDLE OF THE FRIGGING ROAD.

Oh, don't I wish twas them

Hope the tyre tread comes out!

Have you ever been frustrated at crossings?

DO you own a puffa vest?

Do you drink mocha choca lattes???


Lisa x0x

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