Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Flipper - WTF??????

I am scarred. For life. And not just my body parts.

I am very disturbed (more so than normal) after reading a news article this morning.

Wrong. Just wrong. There was nothing right and so much wrong about this article.

It was about a woman who developed a 'relationship' with a dolphin!

FLIPPER!!! WTF?????????????

Oh Flipper, where did it all go wrong?

Apparently Peter the Dolphin (oh who calls their dolphin Peter???) was six years old when he met a young research assistant. I'm not sure about the initial meeting but I'm guessing they didn't meet on e-harmony.  Just imagine his profile - loves water sports, seafood, and
using his blowhole.

Apparently the research assistant, Margaret, was put their to teach Peter to speak.  Because for some strange reason, we wanted dolphins to talk back then.  This was back in the free loving sixties where it appears some people took 'free loving' to a whole new realm.

So Margaret was supposed to spend 10 weeks teaching Peter how to speak, but instead it appears love blosoosomed and instead they spent their time eating, sleeping, bathing and playing.


She was supposed to be teaching him how to speak through his blowhole.

No words.

Alas, the relationship became sexual......again....NO WORDS.........


After a couple of months, Margaret decided to get her towel and hop out of the tank and poor little Pete was left to wallow in the waters.

Unfortunately, it all got too much for Petey and he decided to stop breathing.

He took his own life and drowned in the bottom of the tank.

Apparently, he died of a broken heart.

R.I.P Pete

Oh please can the news be more newsworthy tomorrow?

Feeling a little seasick!!!

Have you ever kissed a dolphin?

Had a broken heart??

Read ridiculous 'news' stories???


Lisa x0x

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