Friday, 27 June 2014

Pluck A Duck

This may be a bit of a touchy subject so feel free to look away now!

NO DON'T - I was only kidding, it's not that bad. Well, maybe not for you.

The subject is hair. Oh, no, don't worry, I'm not talking about THAT hair.

I'm talking about chinny chin chin hair. On women.

Well, this image wouldn't have been photoshopped I'm sure

Now, a good 'friend of mine', since turning the big 40, has started to sprout a whisker or two.  Actually, I prefer to call them lady hairs cos let's face it, which female wants to openly admit they have whiskers.

Apparently, my 'friend' also does have a condition which is quite common to many woman and part of this does include an increase in facial hair.  When it was only one or two, that was fine.  However, it now appears they are ferociously sprouting at an alarming rate.

Which of course can prove socially embarrassing (if she gave a major toss).

In the interests of not scaring small children, or large children, or any one who has ever been a child, my 'friend' now carries tweezers every where she goes. 

Actually I think this post could possibly be sponsored by Tweezerman considering the number of tweezers she has. 

Nothing like blinged up tweezers

In the bathroom. In her bag. In her toiletry bag. In her car.

"In her car?" I hear you ask???

Well, yes, in her car.  Because there are times, when parked or stationary, that the sun can just shine on that very spot that a big frigging hair is sprouting from a chin, and is the perfect opportunity to pluck the little bugger right out of the dermis (fancy name for skin).

Oh dear, that's not pretty

It's just that the times that this can happen may be in the car lines when waiting to pick up junior from school, or at traffic lights in the city, or even just as you are driving down your steep driveway into the garage.

And believe me, those moments ARE NOT to be wasted.

I am My 'friend' is now concerned that if she keeps plucking away, there will come a time when this will be her full time job.

But she has already made her offspring promise that when she is old and grey, they will still keep that chin plucked as best they can.

Hopefully not like this.

Hiliary, get out, you had your turn yesterday

Do you have a hairy chin?

Have one of those special 'friends'??

Remember who Pluck a Duck was???


Lisa x0x


  1. Fortunately I have not had any sprout on my chin - but I have a monobrow lol x

  2. Too funny Sonia. Ah the lucky life of being a woman x