Sunday, 22 June 2014

Letter To My 16 Year Old Self (Perm Included)

I know this seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment, and let's face it, I am a trendsetter!!!!!

So, I have decided to write a letter to my 16 year old self.

Here goes....

Dear Lisa (cos that's my name)

So you are currently in Year 12 (child prodigy here) at an all girl's catholic school in North Sydney.  Funnily enough, you live opposite a rather famous GPS boys school.  Have little to do with them,  most of them behave like tossers (most, But not ALL).

You are a slim little chook, but still feel like you are the size of a heifer (Dear God woman, if only you stayed that frigging slim). You're ok!

You have also discovered the perm  (Oh, why?  Why??  Why?????) You could have done without this because your hair, when permed, made you look like a poodle, and not necessarily the cute ones. Just STOP. NOW.  WITH THE PERM.  No good can ever become of it, especially when you then decide to colour your hair too!

You didn't think I'd put my own picture here did you?

Perhaps you should have studied a bit harder, rather than singing Phil Collins songs into the hairbrush. But keep up your knowledge of bad music - it might come in handy at trivia nights.

Your two big brothers have already been kicked out moved out of home. You miss them desperately but chose not to tell them!  And just because you are the only daughter, and granddaughter, DOESN'T mean you are the spoilt one all the time. Lap it up!!!

You are unsure of what career path to choose (well time hasn't changed anything here has it) but just go with the flow.  Always do whatever makes you happy. Which means constantly sing ABBA songs - timeless!!!!!

As soon as you hear the term 'Blog' GET ON TO IT. As soon as you can.

Or invent GOOGLE - either/or.

Keep enjoying your netball - I'm not going to tell you just how many body parts you will have replaced, reset, broken, dislocated, or bandaged.  Just KEEP your health cover - even if you need a bank loan to pay it.

Value your friends.  You are going to be lucky enough to keep some from this time all through your years, or you will reconnect with some as well. You will also lose a few forever, treasure them every minute you have with them.  You are very lucky to have these people in your life.  Especially the ones who drive you home after nights out at the pub.

They sure do!

Speaking of the pub, although you are underage and this is illegal (so everyone under 18 look away NOW), make sure when you have your friend's sisters ID, and are asked to sign it, you sign THEIR signature and not your own!!!!!! 

And then say you forgot you changed your name!!!!!

And finally, enjoy EVERY single minute you have. Because life is a roller coaster and you need to have the going down bits, to make the going up bits so much better.

And follow this:

Dance like no-one's watching (but even if they are, keep going)
Love as though you've never been hurt (but be careful!)
Sing as though no one can hear you  (nah, sing like they can hear you)
Live as though heaven is on earth (cos it is)

And drink champagne - cos it tastes great!!!!!!

Especially this one.


Me   xxx


What would you write to your 16 year old self?

Did you forge your friend's sisters id??

Have a perm???


Lisa x0x

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