Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Young Freezing Love

The weather here  has turned rather chilly the past few days.  Not surprising really as we are well into the season of winter and we had been blessed with an usually warm autumn.

So this cooler chill has made me reminisce about some of my pursuits of winter sports. Namely skiing.

Snow skiing.
Yep, I looked something like this!!!!

Now I didn't see snow until the ripe old age of 18 when my boyfriend at the time took me down to the NSW Snowfields for a 'romantic' week away.


In the middle of WINTER!!!!

Oh, young love!!!!

 He was a rather skilled skier and thought that as I 'loved' him, I too would love skiing.

Which I did.

Now this 'romantic' week got off to a wonderful start.

Ok, so we may have been staying in a CARAVAN in the middle of WINTER but it was young love so we were kept warm by our love!!!!!!

It was about Day 3 when I had started to feel a little off.  I had managed to ski down some of the 'easy' slopes at Perisher Valley and we went to ski some of the harder slopes (like the frigging Olympic Run off the top of Mt Perisher which is a black one which is a really really hard one!!!).  I was feeling a little 'off' but not wanting to be a wimp, I managed to keep on, although I do believe that I may have slid down the slope awkwardly rather than stylishly ski.

Well, it looks a lot steeper standing on the top!!!

Now, just to shorten this lengthy story, I continued to feel unwell to the point that within three hours of starting to ski that day I was in Cooma hospital in a darkened quiet room, diagnosed with encephalitis!!!  I know!!!!  At least it was warmer than the frigging caravan.

Warmer than the van!

So, that was my introduction to the sport of Snow Skiing.

However, although the trip did end up with me being desperately ill in hospital, it did instill in me a love of skiing, which I have to this day.

However, my haplessness on the ski slopes did not end with encephalitis on that day at Perisher Valley. 

There are more chapters of my trips to the snow, including one in which I ended up in a Victorian hospital and another where a friend did the best impersonation of a seal I have ever heard.

This gives you a hint of next hospital visit!!!!

Do you love the cold weather?

Do you like 'off piste'??

Are you good at seal impersonations (and I don't mean the singer)???


Lisa x0x

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