Monday, 9 June 2014

Fysics or Kmartistry????


It has come to that time in Horse girl's life where she has to make the big decisions!!!

Yep, what subjects she wants to do for years 11 and 12. I swear she only turned three last week!!!!

So at school they have been 'discussing' in class some options then we all trotted off last week on a cold night to sit squashed into possibly the smallest room possible so the kids and concerned parents could listen to the ramblings possibilities and opportunities that lay ahead.

Popular night!

Of course, she may have to start selling body parts if she chooses to continue her education at university, but toughen up Princess, you don't need all those internal organs surely.

Now, back in my day (yawn....) we didn't have the subject choices that are bestowed upon the youth of today.  In fact, I don't remember going to information nights or any such fancy schmancy information sessions with the Nuns.

I just remember that if you were really smart you did 3 unit subjects (mmm, bet you can guess what I did!), and you did the science subjects.  Of course, I think you had to correctly spell them before you could actually study them so no fysics, kmartistry or bibliogily for me.

No, I did English, dummy Maths, Asian History (what the?), Geography (still can't read a map) and Economics (well, hasn't that come in handy!).

Oh and some waste of time idiotic subject called General Studies which I thought may have lead me to be the next Tracey Grimshaw.
We could have made a great team Trace

Of course, at the age of 15 when I had to choose these subjects, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. Let's face it, I'm still trying to work it out.  So I really feel sorry for some of these kids who have so much pressure placed on them by their interfering well meaning parents who 'just want the best' for their kids.

HELLOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I want the best for HG and SS but I'm not telling them what they should be doing!

But anyways, some of the subjects now are quite amazing. Woodwork, metal art, textiles, Sports coaching, hospitality, how not to be a complete tosser - oh sorry, I think that is one I am hoping the Board of Studies will bring in.  The choice is amazing.

And walking around with HG the other night trying to talk to 'those in the know' about what half of these subjects actually meant, it did sadden me to overhear a few parents 'telling' their kids what they should be doing. 

"No, Johnny, I don't think you should do Sports Coaching.  I told you that you will be doing 45 unit Maths and Triple advanced with a double pike English"

Well, ain't that kid going to enjoy the next two years.

So my Darling HG, pick what you WANT to do, not what everyone else tells you to. And enjoy it.  Cos there is life after the HSC - believe it or not.

Lisa xox

p.s. Seriously though, what in the hell is Family and Community Services?  Pathway to a job at Centrelink?????????

Love this girl xxxxxxx

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