Friday, 13 June 2014

Fashionista Friday #1

Being the renowned fashionista that I am (cough cough) I have decided to expand my blog into fashion advice.

"About time" I hear you say!!!!!!!

So in the interest of fashion, and something to write about, I have decided to explore the fashion tragedy that is double denim.

Canadian Tuxedo.

Fashion faux pax.

Now, apparently, much to this fashionista's horror, is that it's back. In fashion. I KNOW!!!!!!

It appears that this might just be one fashion  that's back in fashion which I won't be fashioning!!!!

I think it's mainly because it has dredged up distant childhood memories of doing the double denim as a youngster.

So, in the interest of ensuring my wonderful readers are up to date with wardrobe choices, I have put together a gallery of what will no doubt be de rigeur on the streets this winter.

Because according to my favourite fashion bible - Mexican Vogue - it's BACK!

No thanks needed!
Man of my dreams!

Brit and JT - who would have thought this wouldn't last?

Does this mean the perm is coming back too?????

No words. At. All.

Do you ever double denim?
Any awkward family photos?


Lisa x0x


  1. First off - denim should be for jeans, surely?!! Second up - that family portrait is just awful!!

  2. Thanks for reading Holly Nelson. Yes, the family portrait is just awkward I think. Who would do that? Lisa x