Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Go Cammie!

I read with interest the other day that good looking people don't get sick.

Having never had a sick day in my life..... hahaha.

According to a 'research study' based on thousands of men and women aged between 24 and 35 (oh, lucky I'm in that age group!!!) , those of us who are blessed with good looks are more unlikely to suffer from a range of health problems which range from high cholesterol to depression, asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Now of course I don't mean to doubt the studies of no doubt so called experts, no doubt (OK, overuse of THAT term) these people were paid millions of dollars as consultants to come up with such credible research.

But, who the hell determines whether people are good looking?  Because apparently the researchers ratings on physical attractiveness were done face to face rather than pictures, drawings or videos.

Now we can all have an off day or two...... exhibit A

Not the best Cammie

But apparently the attractiveness rating was based on a 90 minute session.  As I said, it's easy enough to have an off day or two.......exhibit B

If she had on the red speedos it'd be better

So, just be careful if you are feeling a bit off as you are doing your powerwalk through Fountain  Gate after a night on the Cardonnay  (not a spelling error!!!) and a market research person starts to hunt you down.

Is that some market researchers looking for attractive people Kel???

Oh, and don't panic too much.  The same research study decided that having a partner has a beneficial impact on health for men.

Thanks Captain Obvious!

Are you an attractive person?

Been sick lately??

Earn thousands of $$$$ as a researcher???


Lisa x0x

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