Friday, 4 July 2014

Fashionista Friday #4...on a Friday

I know that this post now makes two Fashionista Friday posts for this week (even though one was on a Monday - confused???) but let's just run with it.

The reason I decided to focus on this today was because recently a photo was taken of me displaying just such fashion sense.  I will add that I did not intentionally set out for the photo to do this. Nor my hairstyle.

I am talking about the comb over. 

Yes, you know the one.  Usually a style coveted by the male species, it is where the hair is receding to the point that one must really admit to being in the 'bald' category.

Except, unfortunately for some, they don't. 

Admit it.

Being bald.


Instead they think that the rest of the world just might not notice that if they grow one part of their hair that is still actually alive, they can then surreptitiously 'comb' it over the balding area to ensure the rest of us are none the wiser!

The King Of Comb Over

WTF people?????

I am sorry as each to their own and I am certainly not completely 100% perfect but goodness gracious me!!!

Do you really think that this looks better....

Just wrong...on so many levels

than this??????
He can always wear a beanie

Now, I guess I am lucky that I don't have an issue with a receding hair line, although my hair does seem to be getting a little thinner but I guess that's what happens in your forties third decade, but please please please.

I just do not understand how this can look good.

King Donald as a Ranga!

Now, in the interests of being a completely fair individual, here is the offending photo of me with my own version of the comb over.

Now that's just awkward

Not pretty is it.

Do you have a comb over?

Do you like comb overs??

Are you in your thirties???


Lisa x0x


  1. haha I do not get the comb over AT ALL. You though just look fabulously windswept... no really! xx

  2. Thanks Sonia. I'm not sure their is too much fabulous going on there though!!!

  3. The beard combover is hysterical!!! x

    1. Isn't it just, Bron Maxabella? It is quite scary what is 'out there' in our big, wide, wonderful world. Thanks for reading and commenting! :-)