Monday, 7 July 2014

The Royal We!

I may be a little mean here, but this irks me.

Yes.  Irks.  Me.

Irk - what an interesting word!

Anyway, we have just finished our big road trip - there will be some exciting tales and plenty of photos coming up soon ( once I can work out how to connect the phone and camera and ipad to the the computer to transfer them all!!).
This was so much easier

But, back to it.

So on our little trip we called into a few retail premises here and there.  They were mainly surf shops, cos that's the way these country hicks roll (no, they were just everywhere, considering we were coastal).

And in just about every shop we walked in ,we were welcomed with the same greeting "Hi guys, how are we?".

Now, of course, that is a much better approach than "oh, I don't think we have anything suitable for you in here" ( that's for another post), but it still irks me.

Why the irk?

Because not only do they use the royal 'we' but before they have finished asking the actual question, they have turned away to check their fake tan out in the mirror, or hang ten with the cool surfer dude behind the counter.

But, back to the royal 'we'.  Of course it is lovely to be greeted as you walk into the shop but when I receive this welcome, I immediately want to reply with....'Well, I cant speak for you obviously because I have  never met you before in my life, but I'm fine at the moment, thanks for asking.'

I was very close to actually using this reply at a surf shop in Torquay on the weekend, but Horse Girl made me promise not to do it, at least until we were leaving the shop  which then kinda made the whole thing ridiculous!).

So, in the interests of all things retail, please feel free to welcome me, but just a simple 'Hi, how are you?' will suffice.

Unless I have Prince George with me - then feel free to use the royal 'we'.  Or maybe he might!!!!!!

Not the Royal WEE!!!!!

Do you like the royal 'we'?

Do you hang ten??

Are you a fake tan user but muck it up on the ankles???


Lisa XoX

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