Sunday, 24 March 2013

From Netball To Nutters, and plenty in between!

Ok, well I'm back!

I know, the countless howls of protest I received after my last post as to whether I should continue or not has lead me to this.

Howls of Protest!!!!

Bugger you, I'm going to continue!!!!!

And who really wants a boring dull life with nothing to talk about anyway!

So, for the latest in our little lives in our little corner of the world.

Well, my knee now appears to have completely fallen apart. I met with the specialist the other day and after carefully reviewing his birth certificate to confirm that he indeed was of legal age, and then checking that his University degrees were indeed real and not from the University of No Idea, he proceeded to ask me the same fifty questions I repeat on a daily basis to every other medical professional.

Then upon examination - which was basically me bending my knee and him holding on to it he then went as pale as a Nun in a brothel and proceeded to ask me how much pain I was really in. After he regained consciousness from the left hook I gave him while he was bending my knee, I replied "Oh, um, ah, you know, A BLOODY LOT" he then agreed with me that I would indeed be in some serious degree of pain.

Now when your doctor says "Mmmmmmm, that's not good" I don't think he is talking about the fact that it appears the Australian Cricket Team are a pack of over priced whingers who don't do their homework.

So, this is then followed by "Mmmmmmmm, netball?"

My reply - "I don't think I'd be up for a game right this minute but if you could just do something to fix the pain, I'm sure I'll be running on as WA in no time."
How good are those knees

Just a few shots of me in my heyday!!!!!!


But no, it appears that now my other leg has succumbed to the dreaded injuries felt by netballers across the world.

Yes, stacks on can be very dangerous to netballers

When I innocently asked how bad he thought the tear in my meniscus was (look it up people!), he gave that hearty doctor chuckle and said " I wouldn't be too concerned about a tear at this stage in your cartilage. You have no cartilage left"

On pondering on his words for all of 15.7 seconds I then asked whether I could just pop over to Big W and purchase some new cartilage.   From the look on his face (and this is where he was probably thinking of his next European sojurn) he suggested that would not happen and that I best go and get myself a decent pair of jammies and slippers as we may be looking at surgery.

The Onesie - suitable for knee surgery, indeed anything????????

Now, from the many photos I have posted of myself here, you will know that I am indeed model material with legs that just go on (to my bum!). My left leg has had a number of operations that with the scarring, you can almost play a full game of noughts and crosses on it.

So, there now may be a chance that I will have matching scarring on my right leg.


Now you have no doubt read that David Jones have dumped Miranda Kerr as their clothes hanger, and well, yes, I was indeed the next obvious choice.

However, DJ's may just have to wait that little bit longer now to sign me up - oh well, could be worse!

Could be my forehead!!!!

Wouldn't want anything to intrude on the word "Nutter magnet" printed across my forehead now would I.

And I am using a bloody unreal PINK, yes, PINK, walking stick!!!!  I can just see DJ's stocking them as a winter accessory!!

Ciao for now.

Hope your life is full of fun and happiness!


Lisa xox

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